Sunday, July 05, 2009

Concord, New Hampshire, July 2

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The Concord New Hampshire State House

I like New Hampshire. In Connecticut police officers would often be posted outside of town halls to prevent me from being quoted in newspapers during town hall meetings and I could even be pulled over for walking in the Capitol Building. [video]

This is why I like New Hampshire and Vermont much better in Connecticut, [this] is what Connecticut is about.

Interesting museum, but it is somewhat small and there is no abundance of what can be seen.

I liked the stage coach. It seats 9 passenger, and it could make one daydream of what life was like back then. There is a belt that can be undone, that is also the seat backing for the middle row of seats, that allows the 3rd row passengers access to their seats.

The 2nd floor of the museum seems to be dedicated to cooking, kitchens, and various cook devices. The 3rd floor allows you to view the surrounding buildings and landscape, it is dedicated to firefighting.

Surveyors used chains and some of these implements.

This furniture store has there leather and wood items handcrafted in Thetford, Vermont. Some items can be considered pricey, but what you can find made with wood, leather, and other materials may not be found elsewhere.


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