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Police say DCF worker had $10K of cocaine


The below found here:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 11:37 PM EST

Staff writer

FARMINGTON — A state Department of Children and Families employee was arrested on drug and risk of injury charges Tuesday after narcotics officers allegedly found $10,000 worth of cocaine in the home she shared with her 4-year-old and 16-year-old children, police said.

Leshan Hanson, 32, of 11 Greenbriar Drive, has been put on administrative leave pending an agency investigation, DCF spokesman Gary Kleebatt confirmed.

Hanson is a social worker with DCF and may face disciplinary action pending the outcome of the agency’s investigation, he said.

Hanson and Douglas Bailey, 25, of the same address, were arrested Tuesday after Farmington Narcotics Response Team officers executed a search warrant at their home.

The address had been under investigation for illegal drug activity for weeks, Lt. Marshal Porter said. When police arrived Tuesday morning they found several teens ages 15 and 16 with small amounts of marijuana inside the home. All were skipping class at Farmington High School, police said. Three were referred to juvenile authorities.

A search of the address revealed 79 grams of cocaine placed in dozens of vials in a closet, Porter said. The street value of the drugs was estimated to be close to $10,000.

DCF was notified about the risk of injury charges but the children were in Hanson’s custody as of last night, Porter said.

Hanson and Bailey were charged with risk of injury to a minor, possession of narcotics with intent to sell and possession of narcotics. Hanson was released after posting $25,000 bond. Both are scheduled to appear in Hartford Superior Court March 16.

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This blogger's complaint to the USDOJ:

[click here] for:

Enemies of World Peace

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The below found here:

US Concerned Parents support group -We are Investigating DCF/CPS/Family/support courts

If you or a loved one has been falsely accused or wronged by the DCF/CPS/Family/child support/probate/criminal Courts and you have seen corruption in these places and you know that you did not do what they are trying to say you did, we support all issues concerning Children and families that they have put you into a situation you did not have before, please contact me, Cheryl Martone, founder, Feb.2009 of the US CONCERNED PARENTS support group. phone: 860-301-1274 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 860-301-1274 end_of_the_skype_highlighting This not a me club or a fan club, it is a place for HELP FOR PARENTS -- We can give information, guidance, knowledge as to what is going on in the system (they dragged you into) for children's and parental rights, knowledge, understanding of what is going on, help each other and notices to discussions/ meeting/events about Family Preservation. How to protect your family from the unlawful ways of the State Agencies that are making money from federal funds off your child if they get taken away and unlwfully put into the system. How the corrupt CPS/DCF/Family/child support/probate/criminal Courts are keeping you in hearings for years (unlawfully). Please contact us so we can talk about the injustices and make a *change*( going to Legislation to speak(testify) talk about the laws if they are wrong and make them right) to protect the Future of America, our children. Please contact me, to tell your nightmare story about DCF/CPS/GAL's/Attorney's when children and parents are pushed into (DCF/CPS/Family/child support/probate/criminal) COURTS, that we can tell you how you were illegally brought there.

I INVITE all PARENTS, ADULT CHILDREN who were in the system(DCF/CPS/Family) and Family members to become a member (MEMBER PAGE) of "US Concerned Parents" support group. There are guidelines set one has to follow to be a member. I will develop a page dedicated to those rules and guidelines- go to OUR STORY page for now.

***PUBLIC HEARING: AN ACT CONCERNING PARENTAL RIGHTS IN JUVENILE MATTERS - GO TO JUVENILE MATTERS PAGE here FOR details. TUES. MARCH 9, 2010 10AM Room 2A You have can have a voice here to make the laws and testify to make change for Children's and Parents RIGHTS

APRIL 25TH, 2010 IS PAA DAY- PARENTAL ALIENATION AWARENESS DAY- email me for details: sponsors of this event: Save Our Kids-Parental Alienation Foundation, Ken Krajewski - 860-881-6311 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 860-881-6311 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

FAMILY PRESERVATION FESTIVAL in WASHINGTON D.C. July 23- 25, 2010 Parents Day is the 25th we must join together on this special event website: Please make arrangement now to be there. We are forming a group and Bus transportation there, possible overnight accomodations too, please contact us.

*****RALLY RE: INVESTIGATIONS ON DCF in CT 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of THE PUBLIC HEARINGS & FAMILIES in COURT ALL DAY EVENT -7PM., what progress have we made from this? FRIDAY DECEMBER 18, 2009 RALLY at the CAPITOL LAWN, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT. 10AM- 7PM then immediately following is The WORLDWIDE LIGHTING OF THE CANDLES 7pm. till 8:30PM, FAMILIES CAN JOIN TOGETHER BY MEETING YOUR BIOLOGICAL FAMILY MEMBER HERE, this event is for all the CHILDREN of the WORLD THAT HAVE BEEN ADPOTED OUT by DCF/CPS and lost in the SYSTEM to fostercare and Parental Alienation, hopefully we can reunite them here. I will email you the details. BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN please send a message for the flyer, email: ASAP Thanks and God Bless and I say this in Jesus' name, AMEN. sponsors of this event: Save Our Kids-Parental Alienation Foundation, Ken Krajewski In Connecticut:

Rep. Minnie Gonzalez- representing Hartford, email:

Please send emails to The 2 Committees that were heading the Investigations last Year on Dec. 18, 2008 are: SCC- The Select Committee on Children- website: click on Committee Membership Co-Chairs: Senator Anthony Musto, email: and Rep. Diana Urban, email: The Vice Chairs: Senator Edward Meyers, email: and Rep. Karen Jarmoc, email: HSC- Human Services Committee- website: click on Committee Membership Co-Chairs: Sen. Paul Doyle,Rocky Hill- email: and Rep. Toni Walker,New Haven- email: The Vice Chairs: Senator Eric Coleman,Bloomfield- email: and Rep. Catherine Abercrombie, Meriden-

Parents guide to the "SYSTEM" website:

Get the DCF/CPS updates about Nationwide issues and information from: email: Tom Dutkiewicz

Rally for change with parents rights and CPS and court Reform sponsors websites: or

read my story on the webblob:

My TV interview: search: dcf scroll to DCF Tearing Families Apart Blog on google: "DCF allowed WMS Principal to hurt my child"

A movie trailer about corrupt support court website:

Coming soon "Systemdown" the full movie

SaveOurKids Parental Alienation Foundation website: email: Ken Krajewski 860-881-6311 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 860-881-6311 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

United Civil Rights Council story: Chris Kennedy email:

Parents against Labeling and drugging of children: email: Sheila Matthews

Citizens's Commission on Human Rights website: Psychaitry an Industry of Death

The video of US Senator Nancy Schaefer sheds light on the corruption within the CPS Support shared Parenting website: Jane Boyer email: jane@abusefreedom. com HELP STOP CPS ABUSE and REUNITE CHILDREN WITH THEIR FAMILIES

We are working on a 'PARENT MOVEMENT' to move the courts to uphold our Constitutional Rights, & Parental Rights for Children, Parents and Families, for information contact ,Cheryl at 860-301-1274 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 860-301-1274 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Contact:

All Parents,children & Families in the USA, email:

All Parents, children & Families from OUTSIDE of the USA, email:

All Attorneys, paralegals, notice of laws & Bills email:

All supporters of the family email:

All advertisers and sellers of products please email:

All government organization, agencies,programs email:

All Television Stations Email:

All Radio Stations Email:

All Newspaper Reporters Email:





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