Monday, April 19, 2010

“Dying for Liars” – My Anti-War

It is time for all Americans and all Soldiers to go on strike.

More info: “Collateral Murder” has really stirred a controversy. Many people are now questioning what America is doing in two wars of occupation. Why are trillions being spent and why is so much not accounted for? If Americans are paying more than half of their taxes for wars, the military, and killing, should they be?

Should US Troops fight for lying, liars, out to rip off and kill all they can?

If the US had a viable justice and investigation system would the US have been lied into two wars of occupation?

Naomi Wolf interviewed by Rob Kall:

Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Rob Kall:

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Ron Avery on WTC Collapses - Blowing Theories

Text with video:
TruTHTVSpokaneWA March 24, 2010Over 1,000 architects & engineers have joined the movement to expose the lies of the WTC collapses. visit www.AE911truth .org.
9/11 Truth aint going away! Over 1 million (about 4% of their population) Iraqi civilians and over 250,000 Afghans have died. Someone must be held accountable! Over 3,000 Americans died on that day (some say it is closer to 14,000). Those who planned and executed this false flag operation deserve to BIH !

In Los Angeles, 15 AE911Truth dedicated activists attempted to hand deliver the petition and press release to Dianne Feinstein's office but were surprisingly met by 9 police officers and security personnel who refused to let them enter the building. Being the constitutionalist that he is, AE911Truth supporter Jeremy Rothe-Kushel asked why Feinstein's constituents couldn't enter a public office to give her the paper documents. He was told that although her office was public, the building was privately owned. The members persisted and engaged in many lively discussions, hopefully turning on a few lightbulbs. Great job Los Angeles! What's next?

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The below Richard Gage video found on the Kenny's Sideshow blog:

If there were lies told, officially about WTC building 7, all the lies are then exposed. Can US officials just post a picture of someone, say they committed a crime, or terrorist act, and then subject them to secret hearings, torture, confinement, or even to be killed on sight? "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and other, out and out, lies makes the word of US officials highly suspect and not credible. When weren't they lying?


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