Saturday, April 10, 2010

Protesting Unfair Government Safely

Testing the validity of the US Constitution in the US is getting more and more dangerous. This blogger admires the Iranian people for taking to the streets in large numbers, at very great risk, to protest their abusive government. It seems a lesson can be learned about the effectiveness of protesting looking at Thailand.

Media for the Masses: TV station stormed by 'Red Shirt' protesters in Bangkok

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RussiaToday April 09, 2010Thai protesters claim to have re-opened a satellite TV station shut down by the government after a state of emergency was declared. Thousands stormed into the building in a Bangkok suburb as police used tear gas and water cannons to hold them back.

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US "Abuse the Public" Policy

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Punk-rock meets politics: American system is powerless

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RussiaToday March 27, 2010What happenned to America, the land of the free? Well some think it's been bought by mega corporations. The frontman of the left-leaning band 'Strike Anywhere' believes the system is in total charge with even Presidents owned by corporate money before they ever step into the Oval office. Thomas Barnett shared his views with RT.


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