Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Danger of Truth

Galileo Galilei

"The Danger of Truth" is that you can never go back.

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The ethics of the US World Police and their Kangaroo Courts?

The US bombing. the world policy.

Are drug running war criminal corporate banksters sitting in judgment of us all?

'Hague UN tribunal is a US-run kangaroo court'

Text with video:
RussiaToday June 10, 2010Two Bosnian Serbs have been jailed for life by a UN court over the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. The genocide saw thousands of muslim men and boys killed in one week, in what was a UN-declared safe zone. Marco Gasik, a Balkans Analyst, says the Hague court does not serve justice but is a US set-up.

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US CIA Drug Lord Thugocracy


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