Monday, July 05, 2010

Ex-MI5 Annie Machon on 9/11 Truth

MI5 and MI6 Shenanigans ...

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Truth4Youth | April 14, 2007

Annie Machon, along with her partner David Shayler, spent over 5 years working as intelligence officers for MI5, the UK security service. During their years at the heart of Britain's secret state, they saw an alarming catalogue of mistakes, cover-ups and crimes, which led to the deaths of innocent people.

In particular, David had personal experience of a major false-flag terrorist operation. His counterparts in MI6 officially briefed him on a plot to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. This consisted of MI6 officers paying associates of Bin Laden over $100,000 in an illegal operation which was not sanctioned by the British government. The attack went wrong and innocent people died.

In the wake of this operation David and Annie left MI5 and blew the whistle. As a result they have spent 3 years on the run and in hiding in Europe, seen friends, family, and journalists arrested and persecuted, and David has been to prison, not once, but twice. Further intelligence has since emerged that proves the Gaddafi plot went ahead as they described, but the British government continues to refuse to hold an inquiry. They see the Gaddafi plot as one of a sequence of false-flag terrorist operations designed to give the UK and USA the pretext to attack oil-rich Middle Eastern countries. Annie will be addressing the conference on this and other examples of the crimes of the intelligence services.

Ex MI5 agent exposes David Icke's big lie.

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Coffinman8 | September 13, 2008

Can you guess what it is?
Discusses various topics.
You can find the answer here:

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Annie speaks more recently on the subjects of spying, espionage, and the politics involved. [video, click here, scroll down in post]


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