Sunday, August 08, 2010

Government Keeping your Naked Pictures

More proof the US Government is populated by malicious lying liars out to steal all they can. Body scanners emit harmful, cancer causing radiation. Law enforcement officers are really armed revenue collectors. Courts are just turnstiles for revenue collection and citizen abuse.

Your apathy only means further abuse. Your collective outrage will help end some of these police state tactics. Why do we allow the US government to poison our water and food? If this law can't be allied, is the US Constitution and all laws really null and void, except to railroad citizens to prison, to abuse, and for revenue collection?:

Naked Truth, Fluoride Poison, 9/11 Responders Strike Back - Sunday Update

Text with video:
corbettreport | August 08, 2010

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Feds Admit Storing Naked Body Scanner Images

Information on EPIC's Struggle Against the Scanners

CNN Covers the Issue

State Department Admits: Underwear Bomber Was Allowed to Fly by US Intel

Mutallab was surprised by the fire and helped to put it out

Ottawa Ordered Scanners Months Before Underwear Bomber Hoax

Airport Scanners Deliver 20 Times More Cancer-Causing Radiation Than Originally Thought

Chertoff Has a Stake in the Scanners He is Pimping

Australian TV Runs Serious Report on Dangers of Fluoride

Studies on Neurotoxic Effects of Fluoride

Studies on Fluoride Links to Cancer

Studies on Fluoride and Bone Fractures

Study on Fluoride's Effects on Liver and Kidney

Studies on Fluoride and the Thyroid

Studies on Fluoride and IQ reduction

Studies on Fluoride and Dental Flourosis

Studies on Fluoride and Tooth Decay

Jacob Appel Calls for Spiking Public Water With Lithium and Other Drugs

9/11 Responders Demand Justice

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