Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Police seeking even more funding from average people in tanking economy

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American police officers have overstepped the jurisdiction by the continued brutality they have administered at the expense of US citizens. Many say unless the United States citizens rise up to stop the attacks could become uncontrollable. Survive and Thrive host George Hemminger says the United States must take to the streets and demand these injustices be corrected!

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Police tyranny until citizens stand up

Raymond "Boots" Riley on Police brutality -- Uncensored

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Check out the full interview of rapper and member of Streets Sweeper Social Club Raymond "Boots" Riley that wasn't seen on air. Today is International Day Against Police Brutality yet more Americans are being harassed by an overbearing police force that has crossed the line. Raymond "Boots" Riley says the police are never going to be on our side, we need a radical militant labor movement.

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This blogger knows all about police misconduct and brutality in the State of Connecticut. And ... I know about judicial, prosecutorial, and attorney misconduct:



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