Thursday, February 23, 2012

Americans are no longer out on the streets like this

... or have they restricted themselves from being on the streets like this?

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On 11th February protests against ACTA took place in Mainz and across Germany and Europe.

Thank you Poland.

English translation is available in the annotations.

Am 11. Februar haben in Mainz und ├╝berall in Deutschland und Europa Proteste gegen ACTA stattgefunden.

Danke Polen.

ACTA: A message to Poland from Mainz (Germany)


Love, or hate former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Franks, he is honest on how politicians in the US are the most "bought" in the world.

Barney Frank on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

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Jimmy Kimmel Live - The first part of Jimmy's interview with Barney Frank

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It is 6:51PM Eastern Standard Time, February 23, 2012. The below video has 312 views. 56 votes are saying they liked the video. 179 say they didn't like the video. Do you see something wrong here? How many people vote on a video after watching it? I've watched many thousands of videos. Do you have any guess on how many I've voted on? Does every single person who watches a video then vote on it? If not, then youtube who is owned by google is rigging the numbers. Can you imagine why? I can.


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lol wut?


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