Friday, March 02, 2018

Trump turns on those who voted him into office?

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Barack Obama and then US Attorney General Eric Holder are accessories to murders. They didn't report serious felonies being committed and that is illegal. The Fast and Furious program was to end 2nd Amendment. Guns from legal gun shops were fast tracked to Mexican Drug Gangs to commit murders. So, the anti-gunner Marxist UN takeover of the US will stop at nothing to nullify and destroy the US Constitution.

Hillary Clinton would have instituted an outright ban of all guns had she been "elected" US President in 2016. 

The last election was mainly about those who didn't want their rights stripped and be subject to the tyranny and deceit of the UN agendas to erase borders and to make the international banksters and corporate organized crime the owners of everything, and all of us pay world taxes just to breathe.

I believe that those who want to push the UN agenda, erase US borders, and scrap the US Constitution who want Donald J. Trump assassinated want the right to bear arms infringed. Assault Rifles can be declared to be any firearm that doesn't require manual loading of each cartridge after firing a shot.

If 18 year olds shouldn't be trusted to buy guns, they shouldn't be able to fight in wars, vote, or be parents as well, right?

The European Union is a UN con job. Mostly radicalized Muslims from war torn areas are fast tracked into native populations to cause strife, division, and to allow the growth of the criminal government, the scam that is the EU. 

The International Police Union is the black hand of the UN tyranny. Tax dollars are being used for psy-ops.

Is Trump drinking the Koolade that Fake News CNN is putting out on the Parkland School Shooting? Is Trump being blackmailed to sell out? Did sex operatives compromise Trump as Alex Jones seems to suggest?

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Emergency Message To President Trump And The Gun Grabbers


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