Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jodi Rell's First Campaign Ad for Connecticut Governor

Rell is a shameless liar, former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland would be proud. There are no ethics in Connecticut government. Rell appoints judges with no experience or qualifications. The Connecticut legislature approves these nominees. It is about who you know. Connecticut is about the rich and connected ripping everyone else off. Vote Rell out, she is one of the best examples of why Republicans, currently, just plain suck.

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The Connecticut Backwards Math

The Connecticut Blue Blood Elite are living a lie.

The Math does not add up.

Connecticut is losing population, small businesses are failing, families are breaking up, and there is no industry growth, there is nothing being produced or close to nothing being produced.

To keep raising spending, creating new official jobs, and building more government buildings, child detention centers, and prisons there should be an increase in population.

So how do the Blue Blood Elite maintain their lifestyle?

Well they live off of everyone else like parasites. Have you heard of Eminent Domain? That is where the rich can displace the poor to have the best property and produce the most income from the property they have used the courts to legally steal.

Governor Rell appoints judges that have no experience or qualifications. The legislature knowingly re-appoints judges that harm citizen, children, and that break the law. There is no accountability for official wrongdoing.

Those within the system that complain become toast. Citizens that complain and try to do something through the courts or through elected officials become toast.

Connecticut is a bunch of lying liars. Most of you reading this would be better off leaving the state. If the rest of America becomes as bad as Connecticut, you should leave the country.

This is how Connecticut treats its own. So how do average citizens fare? It is about processing you, fining you, arresting you, and confining you. Taking away your children for whatever reason, legitimate, or not produces Federal Tax Dollars. Rell and others live off of the Blood of others. Click Here for an example

A mayor talks about Police Thugs out wearing ski masks beating citizens, video clip here

My reason for griping, click here for video


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