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Getting Tarred and Feathered in Modern America, a repost

May 24, 2004

Assault on Small Business and the Individual

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Getting Tarred and Feathered


Why should individuals that decide to invest in Connecticut downtown properties and business be a big target of eradication and punishment? It is possible it is similar across our nation.

The policies of getting rid of Sex Shop owners are used to rid communities of private investors in property, downtown homeowners, pizza parlors, bar owners, and other types of business.

Those that have political connections and/or have power political friends and family seem to survive and buy up properties left vacant after the other owner was fined and harassed out of business, run out of town, or thrown in prison if they resist.

It happens over and over.

2 Pizza Parlors, an Art Dealer, a teen center operator, countless bar owners and others, have their families broken up, their financial lives ruined, and/or worse just in the Stafford Springs, Connecticut area. The number in Connecticut and across the nation must be staggering.

Prostitutes, drug dealers, teen vandals, and other common criminal parasites are an aid to corrupt politicians and police in helping their agendas along. Drug dealing was allowed to go on unabated, so then there was the opportunity to have a large number of arrests, the business shut down, and it is possible also to use 3 arrests to confiscate a business or property under the nuisance statute.

Multi family owners and others perceived as undesirables can be targeted by police, the building inspector, financially probed, harassed, targeted, and even sent to prison. Children can be lost to drugs and can end up dead.

Why do this, promote alcoholism, blight, vandalism, drug use, crime, and misery?

It is because of the profit potential and in eventually getting rid of the riffraff that serve corrupt politicians, police, and their cronies well.

The properties and buildings can be taken outright, knocked down, allowed to burn down, and enormous profit potential for the powerfully connected and their friends knowing or molding the future of an area. Those that are in the know, get rich.

Getting a property for almost free that is a future site of a library, drug store chain, or for other uses, to be sold for a high profit, happens over and over. Select, powerful families, can own a � of all the assets or more in a town. This seems to be the case in Stafford Springs, CT, and maybe other cities and towns across America.

In Connecticut the sleaze and the corruption seems to run down the food chain through the police and courts, starting with the Governor himself.

What sentence you get for any infraction, judgments against you, and if you are even prosecuted at all, no matter what you do, depends on where you live, your occupation, and how much �juice� you have.

There is no recourse only retaliation, if officials will not investigate each other, or just go through the motions and find for the official.

Try complaining about a lawyer, prosecutor, police officer, and/or judge and see how futile and what an act of frustration it is. Retaliation that involves financial ruin, the break-up of your family, prison, and being thrown out of town is all too possible.

A city official told me to go fuck myself in open court and nothing was done or even said to him by the judge. If I had done the same I probably would have been jailed for contempt. That official may have even literally had keys to the courtroom being the city manager.

The American Dream was an absolute nightmare for me.

Had I not invested 100�s of thousands of dollars, worked so hard, but instead came to Connecticut, unwilling to work, to buy/sell sex, rip people off, left my kids without supervision and food while I drank and used drugs, commit fraud, commit crimes, and/or become an alcoholic downtown drug addict, things probably would have been fine for me.

I didn�t listen to the police officers that told me to leave town after I proposed legislation and wrote things in newspapers that angered police, and ended up in prison, harassed in prison, and then thrown out of the State of Connecticut with the threat of more prison if I didn�t leave.

As disgusting as my situation is, should I now still believe in the U.S. Constitution and how good it is to be an American?

Countless others have gone crazy, died, or are still in prison after going through similar pissing contests with the powerful, corrupt, elitists.

Corporate and corrupt politician�s agendas are promoted in America and the individual is just a ticket to be punched for money and assets.

For my rights to be so easily taken away and not protected even in the smallest of ways, I, we, never had them to begin with.

Kids should not be taught crap about freedom, rights, and the merits of our system if it is crap/bullshit, it can only get them into trouble if they actually believe it. As, was my case.
-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

* * * *

Liberty Tree and Free Speech Center

* * * *

Steven G. Erickson, after spending 100�s of thousands of dollars fixing up boarded up properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, for testing Free Speech complaining about crime and being fleeced by police, the courts, and other authorities.

* * * *

We need another Boston Tea Party here in America


* * * *

Drug �Snitches�, The Drug War, and the Corruption of Law Enforcement

Why not streamline the drug delivery system in the U.S.?

Based on the attention it gets, giving away Free Coffee is more serious than rape, robbery, selling drugs and other CRIMES

Not much has changed in how authorities behave since the Salem Witch Trial Days (A post about Salem, Massachusetts, and the Witch Trials)

* * * *
added May 25, 2004:

P.S. if someone has no record and gets sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation, physiological counseling, alcohol and drugs classes (had no drinks when I was attacked and don�t do drugs, but my assailant was drunk and a drug user, but not punished), anger management, and the highest fine possible for �overreacting� using pepper spray while being beaten on their own property during a robbery attempt, something is really wrong.

I worked honestly my entire life I should be able to travel, leave the country, and see my family at ski trip and boat trips in other states. I should have no record so I can get a good job now that my business and everything was ruined for me in Connecticut on purpose by dishonest rogue cops bent on revenge, keeping me from proposing laws to make them do their jobs, shutting me up, and ruining my life while on their ego trip.

Sen. Guglielmo is aware of the prosecutor refusing me to take the $100 Accelerated Rehabilitation program that would have allowed my charges to be erased after time, have no supervision, keep my pets, have my daughter live with me, would allow me to keep the 3 rental houses I had spent 100�s of thousands of dollars and years fixing up, my retirement, and the sum total of my life.

It was a plan to ruin my life, make me lose all that I had ever worked for, my family, retirement, my home, railroad me to prison, and then kick me out of the State of Connecticut upon my release. I was harassed in prison all the way until I got out as police officials were also correction guards in some cases.

But cops were bragging they were going to shut �Big Mouth� up and teach him a lesson before the incident and cops were bragging I was going to prison before I even had a trial, how fair is that? No one goes to prison for a 1st offense given my 2 misdemeanor charges, no one!

Especially someone that is called the victim in the follow up police report when the assailant, who was never arrested, bragged to Judge Jonathan Kaplan in open court he drinks 16 sixteen ounce beers a day, is a drug user, and threatened my life while demanding money from me.

Shouldn�t even a complete idiot judge realize that I was a robbery victim and should be able to use pepper spray when I could not get away from the beating I was taking in my own yard to escape to the safety of my home when I return late from a double shift of work?

If this is ok with Connecticut authorities, Connecticut is horseshit, and UnAmerican.

I deserve to be able to go on with my life and should not have 3 to 5 years of prison hanging over me so Connecticut Asshole Police officials can again have me railroaded to prison for being outspoken and exposing them for the corrupt pieces of shit, more and more of the world is realizing they are.

What pisses me off even more is that I read that a repeat offender that committed armed robbery got 10 years probation, rapists and child molesters got probation, Craig Engelman of Somers, CT allegedly committed 100�s of act of fraud and theft selling DVD players on eBay he had no intention of delivering stealing maybe a $100,000 or so and get probation, and the years I saw felonies and other crimes committed even in front of cops with no arrests as it was in downtown Connecticut and cops in Connecticut are just �Armed Revenue Collectors.�

A white Connecticut cop can even stand on an African American�s back and execute him and get no prison sentence on appeal. Cops committing rape, thefts, and assaults almost get a free pass every time as officers can�t seem to go against their own no matter what.

JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING. I deserve justice, and the criminal cops that committed perjury and other crimes need to be punished, along with the judge for acting in collusion, with bias, and against American law.

Posted by Vikingas at May 24, 2004 09:11 AM | TrackBack

It bothers me that historic downtown areas in America are Criminal Breeding Grounds and historic buildings and sites are being destroyed for corporate interests at an alarming rate.

Speaking out about this issue and the lack of anything being done to foster and protect small downtown businesses and property investors, and police encouraging crime, blight, teen delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, misery, death, and crime in general for going after revenue of mostly honest taxpayers, not criminals, led directly me to me being harassed, imprisoned, and my life, and my family�s life ruined.

I think it would be good if some of you out there called, emailed, and/or wrote in to correct this injustice.

The same situation that happened to me, happened to another landlord, Don Christmas. He was also attacked on his property after having spoken out about police, crime, drugs, and the authorities looking to fine and harass businesses, not protect and serve, doing something about the drug and crime problem.

He, too, faced a year and a half in prison and the attacker, no punishment.

He, too, was not allowed any deal, just a trial at taxpayer's expense or go to prison for a year and half, the victim of crime and of the system.

I posted Don�s story on the internet and 100�s and letters and phone calls poured into the Enfield Connecticut Court House and Police Station.

The embarrassed authorities quietly backed off on Donny. Now that there is no scrutiny in his case, they may again start the same railroad job that worked on me, on Donny.

* * * *

I am asking you, the reader, to act. Please write, email, call and/or write those below:

Lieutenant Governor M. Jodi Rell
State Capitol
Room 304
Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 860-524-7384
Fax: 860-524-7304


State Sen. Kissel
16 Frew Terrace
Enfield, CT 06082 Home Phone: (860) 745-0668 Work Phone: (860) 240-0531


State Sen. Guglielmo
100 Stafford Street
Stafford Springs, CT 06076 Home Phone: (860) 684-4878 Work Phone: (860) 684-4164


A possible text could read:

I, _______________, wish the Connecticut State Police Officers Steven G. Erickson accuses of perjury in his trial for �overreacting� during a beating he took in the dark on his own property during a robbery attempt, be investigated.

I request also that the head of the Connecticut State Police, Arthur L. Spada, be investigated for possible collusion and influence in Steven G. Erickson�s trial.

If Steven G. Erickson is found to have been the target of police and court harassment for speaking out in newspapers about police and court official misconduct before the incident that landed him in prison, I ask that he be exonerated, pardoned, and compensated for the loss of his property, retirement, family, pets, credit, and the sum total of his life�s honest work.

Signed _____________________ date _________________

* * * *

I personally would like to see the criminals punished and the U.S. Constitution, America, and the countless Americans who suffered and died all over the globe in the name of Freedom and America, honored.

Your legislators found here, please also let them know.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at May 24, 2004 10:07 AM


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