Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just One of the Connecticut Police Murder for Hire Plots:

This is a way of life for Connecticut police forces out of control. They only get worse and more brazen, day by day.

Keywords: Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality Abuse Prosecutorial Judicial Attorney Connecticut Bands, Music, Free Pizza Phil Inkel Ritt Goldstein Steven G. Erickson Stephen Murzin Todd Vachon

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Connecticut Officials retaliating against whistleblowers, the Kristine Blake, Connecticut DMR story:

Connecticut Police will knowingly accept false statements and manufactured evidence to retaliate against those that report officials crimes. The case of the Manchester Connecticut PD:

A Kristine Blake audio interview:

Erickson Interview Kristine Blake Audio June 6, 2006

* * * *

Chris Kennedy speaks out about being retaliated upon and not being able to see his own children for years for having lodged complaints against the judiciary. This is just out and out citizen abuse. Click here for video


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