Monday, October 30, 2006

Police help man beat wife, arrest wife

Mary Alice Cook lived the lifestyle of the Upper Class in Connecticut. Her husband was affiliated with police so in Connecticut, he was free to beat her as were police officers. Hundreds of rapes, assaults, other crimes, and even murders go uninvestigated if it involves a cop or one of his or her friends. Connecticut is about Official, Attorney, Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Police Misconduct.

Ms. Cook testified in front of the Connecticut legislature in December of 1996. Police are even less accountable, so the situation is much worse today. Police and the Courts in Connecticut blatantly retaliate and openly violate the Constitution and Court rules.

* * * *

The video tour of the properties that police threatened and abused me out of because I did not like crack cocaine and heroin being sold near my house and on my property, click here for post.

The former Mayor of Norwalk Connecticut testifies at the same hearing about police wearing ski masks, hauling citizens off to be beaten to warehouses, and how police vandalized his house, click here for post

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Stephen Murzin, a 19 year old man home to Colchester Connecticut from U.S. Marines.

He saw Phil Inkel being beaten by police at the Colchester McDonald’s. Inkel saw police beat a teenager for looking too much like a thug for having worn baggy pants.

Stephen Murzin and his brother, Ian, were woken up in the middle of the night and then beaten at the Connecticut State Police Troop K station.

Stephen Murzin’s father is a former police officer in Hartford. There are rumors that I assume are completely true regarding the elder Murzin wanting police to act ethically and may he have investigated an organized crime, police, and drug dealer connection. Straight shooters, whistleblowers, citizens, and others can become toast just for getting in the way of the Connecticut official racketeering, profiteering, and obstruction of justice Mafia.


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