Saturday, November 04, 2006

How to stop Official, Police, Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Governmental Misconduct?

Authorities, Officials, Police, DCF, DCYF, the Courts, and the Federal Government are seemingly more abusive and cruel in America than ever before.

What happened if citizens fought back when their kids are taken away for a State to Defraud Federal Taxpayers, fill prisons to Defraud Federal Taxpayers, to Defraud Federal Taxpayers arresting and processing as many citizens as possible, and for the manufacturing of evidence and official perjury used to railroad and steal people’s assets, cash, and homes?

Would they think twice? I don’t advocate violence or in taking the law into your own hands, but what if the authorities actually had to care what we thought? I think eliminating political parties and having all judges and police chiefs face election would put the power back in the hands of the people.

(Note: if you have dial-up the baud rate won’t keep up with the YouTube Video, let it load and play to the end choppy, and then when it is done loading, just hit the play button again.)

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