Friday, January 19, 2007

A Judges’ and Connecticut State Police “Rub and Tug”

I have heard the “rumor” a number of times of a brothel that was located above the Webster Theater on Webster St., in Hartford, Connecticut, at the time former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was a Connecticut Judge.

The rumor goes that either a Connecticut State Police Officer or Officers and possibly Spada himself had a hand in the take or got on a hand on you know what, or something else on something ...

There are rumors also of the Jewish and Italian Mafias networking through that brothel.

If you were a drug dealer, prostitute, a common criminal parasite, or just down on your luck you could network and pay your way out of jail. Contact your local "connected" prostitute or drug dealer, pay them off, and get the desired results.

Favors, sex, drugs, liquor licenses, and all the fun you can have on the criminal side are possible by networking through Connecticut State Police and the Judges' "buffers".

The fixing of court cases, the pulling police off of the “connected” wise guys etc., was done through couriers and those to get the messages, cash, and drugs where they needed to go, allegedly.

The Irish Mafia by then was out of most of the street shenanigans, but many of them in the Greenwich area of Connecticut, and all over the state, still had influential government, judicial, and law enforcement jobs and still played a little less dirty role in the Connecticut Organized Crime Syndicate.

Connecticut Attorneys that have played ball with these movers and shakers know they have been given a free pass to steal from clients and to live a life of complete debauchery with immunity.

Any of these "connected' officials and their "people" that break ranks face a major barbecue.

A way that the fixed court cases can be identified is look for trial by judge.

If the crimes and evidence result in no jail time or a drastically reduced sentence and it is trial by judge, there is a reason for this. Those cases were most likely fixed.

Freebies, bribes, and bennies are all allegedly part of the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut court system.

Cameras in the courts, in the back rooms of courthouses, and where prosecutors talk with defendants all need to be recorded to end this Organized Crime, The State. Connecticut needs to be cleaned up to end the defrauding of our nation's federal taxpayers. The obstruction of justice, racketeering, and profiteering has gone on too long.

DCF are allegedly used to enforce drug turf and to terrorize and intimidate individuals into doing police and judiciary dirty work. The informant system should end. Informants are usually dirty disgusting people paid by police and the courts to make warrants, shakedowns, and retaliations possible. These sleazebags are paid to commit crimes for the police and members of the courts. Informants need to be identified and monitored if they are to be used at all. The retired Connecticut State Police Officer that killed his wife and himself had possibly 100's of thousands of dollars that cannot be explained.

Connecticut Police Officers that are too drunk and high to return cruisers to the next shift is just plain disgusting. Connecticut State Police Officers should no longer be given a free pass to rape, rob, beat, and even murder as they know the policy of the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs is to "arrest and discredit" those that report police misconduct and lodge a complaint.

Investigations into crooked Connecticut State Police Officers’ and Judges’ financial dealings needs to be done to prevent this organized crime network from doing any more damage to society.

If just Spada’s old cases were looked into, the individuals that got off would show a family and friend tree connection where some of the modern corruption in Connecticut could be understood and actually thoroughly investigated. The corruption allegedly involves Feds with Connecticut connections and family so some outside people would have to do the investigations, Untouchables.

The Connecticut State Police and members of the Connecticut Judiciary have a secret "Enemies List" and those that have pissed off Organized Crime figures and Officials can have their "Secret Files" with pictures and other information distributed to police. The "offender" can then be maliciously investigated and/or set up for false arrest and prison.

Police Officers and Judges are not immune from this retaliation system if they break ranks.

Do you have a story to tell and don't want your name known, well you can email me at:

and if I can somehow come upon the same conclusion you have, maybe I will post your story and you can remain anonymous.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can have your record fixed no matter what you did in Connecticut. It is all in who you know. Too bad big mouths don't get the deal.

Mon Jan 22, 06:52:00 PM 2007  

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