Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Recipe for Making Americans Hate America

Well, being put in prison for some lame excuse is a good way to piss off anyone. The food is not good and there is no reason 10 times, at least, more people are in prison than belong there.

I don’t do drugs and would have become a Massachusetts State Trooper or one in Vermont had I not pursued other work.

Corruption in Connecticut and my mouthing off about it in newspapers made me see the light after I was shut up in Connecticut Prison as a political prisoner, except that I did not shut up.

You can be put on a police “Enemies List” if you get mouthy about Judicial, Prosecutorial, Attorney, or Judicial Misconduct. If you want your tax dollars worth and want accountability and ethics you can also face a BBQ or being toasted.

Take away kids from an intact, good family, make enemies of this generation and the next. Maybe 10 times more kids are taken away by DCF than should be for a state to defraud all federal taxpayers.

If you complain about police misconduct and lodge a complaint, especially in Connecticut the policy of police is to arrest and discredit.

Minorities in Connecticut courts, and probably some other states too, are told to shut up and take a deal or face hard time, or and “Or else” without a lawyer. Some innocent individuals give up their rights to a trial based on threats and intimidation.

If you have a criminal record you might have little luck ever getting a good job or even a rent week to week in your own name. After 9-11 a background check is common for just about anything you want. Even dating, you lose.

Those that are rich, connected, and considered America’s Blue Blood Elite are getting richer at everyone else’s expense. The policies are separate and unequal. If you believe all men and women are created equal and pursue the American Dream and squawk when you find out it can be an absolute nightmare if police, the courts, and elected officials don’t act as advertised, you can end up falsely arrested, and held as a political prisoner.

It happened in America to me. It can happen to you.

It is easy to dismiss my claims. But if you want to see my pictures and story, do a word search on Steven G. Erickson.

If you want to see a video clip of me testifying in front of a judicial reform committee do a search on Steven G. Erickson

In America, we should either stand up and make some changes OR be honest to the world by facing the Statue of Liberty Backwards and renaming the USA, “The Peoples’ Republik of Hypocrania” with the new dictator that won’t face election in 2008 as he won’t step down, George W. Bush.

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Click Here for my complaint to the Washington DC FBI


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