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Putting Polish on a Secret Police State

Added Jan. 31, 2007, 6:30 AM, Connecticut Public Safety Committee Legislators, please [click here]

A Nation under surveillance, complain and you'll be put on a Secret Police "Enemies List" for a take down, arrests, and confinement. Your life will never be the same. Your kids may never see or have respect for you again. It is modern reality in America.

If you complain to the Governor’s Office in Connecticut about police or the courts, expect to be arrested, have your kids taken away, and spending time in prison. Your picture and file will have been distributed to police, and you may never even know why your life ended as you once knew it.

You may never have a place to live in your own name again.

You may never have contact with your children again.

You may never have a decent job again as every job now does background checks.

Where is Freedom? Well, obviously not in Connecticut, the courts are fixed, the police are so arrogant and lazy they often will not even investigate a woman’s case of being raped. But if you complain about the arrogance and laziness of police in Connecticut, expect a take down.

Governor M. Jodi Rell is aware of the across the board corruption in official Connecticut. I believe if she didn’t have something to hide and wasn’t part of the corruption, maybe she do at least a little something for the people that are paying her salary.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

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Report To Rell Defends Security Flier
January 30, 2007
By JON LENDER, Courant Staff Writer

The state public safety commissioner gave Gov. M. Jodi Rell a report Monday defending the state police's distribution of a security flier bearing color photos of political activist Kenneth Krayeske before his arrest Jan. 3 at the governor's inaugural parade.

Krayeske, who was charged with breach of peace and interfering with police after taking pictures of Rell, is scheduled to appear this morning in Superior Court in Hartford. Beforehand, he plans to hold a rally with supporters on the steps of the nearby state Supreme Court building to support free speech.

Critics of Krayeske's arrest have blasted it as unjustified.

State Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, co-chairman of the legislature's Judiciary Committee, said last week that the two-page security flier - which included two driver's license photos of Krayeske and mentioned his Green Party activism and political dissent - made it seem as if "Ken Krayeske was public enemy No. 1."

But Public Safety Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle in a four-page report said his department's actions, including preparation of the Krayeske flier, were consistent with the Bill of Rights and that "the Connecticut State Police do not maintain lists of `political enemies' of any public officials."

"All Connecticut Police Officers are trained to respect the First Amendment Rights of Assembly and Free Speech," Boyle wrote. "Providing officers with greater knowledge as to who might attend a particular event, and their intentions once there, simply gives the officers the tools needed to maintain lawful and peaceful assembly."

Boyle said Krayeske was mentioned at a pre-parade security briefing as one of "approximately ten persons who, because of prior actions or statements, warranted interest if they appeared at the day's events."

After Krayeske's arrest, Rell asked Boyle for the report on state police actions concerning Krayeske, whose Internet weblog has criticized Rell.

Boyle said state police reported at the pre-parade briefing "that there appeared to be no credible threats from known terrorist groups to the inauguration."

Boyle also placed responsibility for the arrest on Hartford police. "The Connecticut State Police played no role in the decision to arrest Mr. Krayeske nor in setting the terms and conditions of his bond."

Krayeske was held with bail set at $75,000 for about 12 hours after his 1:20 p.m. arrest before being released early Jan. 4 - too late to protest outside the inaugural ball. "All such decisions were made by the Hartford Police Department," Boyle wrote.

Boyle's written report reaffirmed comments he made at a legislative hearing last week. At last week's hearing, Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts took full responsibility for the arrest, saying it was not because of the state police flier, but because Krayeske "breached the parade route" - a claim that Krayeske and witnesses have disputed.

Rell spokesman Chris Cooper said "the report suggests that the Connecticut State Police acted appropriately." He declined to comment on the Hartford police.

Boyle's report included the wording of the police flier on Krayeske's 2006 political activity, his pre-inauguration Internet weblog entry inviting others to protest Rell's inaugural ball, and his past civil-disobedience arrest at an anti-war protest.

It said: "The above subject is the campaign Director for the Green Party in Connecticut. He had made an entry in the web page for `Connecticut Local Politics' asking: `Whose going to protest the inaugural ball with me.'

"No one had responded to his request as of 1/2/07 @ 1600 hrs. The above subject has a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta, 4 door Sedan.

"Groton P.D. arrested the above subject in 2004 for Obstruction of free passage. During the launching of the USS Jimmy Carter Nuclear Submarine."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steve! I just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know that you are so right when it comes to Ct. I am a witness to so many of the things that you have mentioned. I hate the fact that I had to shut up but this is the price I had to pay to get my kids back. It's sad how one state can be so corrupt and get away with what they do and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Recently I signed a petition online and two days later my kids were walking to school and someone was taking pictures of them. Coincedence? No way.

Wed Jan 31, 05:40:00 AM 2007  

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