Saturday, May 05, 2007


Can anonymous or others completely slander someone on the internet and get away with it? Background on my story [here]

I have been slandered in [this] Hartford Courant forum.

I would like to find information on this poster:
Ron McKernan
Westbrook, CT

Text of his post:
"I checked up on Steven G. Erickson. Are you ready for this folks? He never lived in the state of connecticut. The whole, entire thing is made up. From beginning to end. He's a vermont native, and until 2 years ago he was living in a halfway house(not the right term but like a place for people with mental issues)
He can not drive and does not have a driver's license, either."

I would like to consider serving that individual. I have a valid driver's license and the other accusations are completely false. If you have any information regarding that person or "Spike" that also posts mostly in response to mine the Hartford Courant forum, please email me at:

Poster "Spike"
Wallingford, CT

"Most of Steven's allegations happened 10, 12, 15 years ago. People, DO NOT BELIEVE AS WORD HE SAYS. He painted the house he owned PINK. I wonder why."

My response:

Spike you know many past details. Enough to twist the truth.

The actual color was called "Frontier Beige" some think it pink.

A former Stafford Springs Selectman told me that a way to get rid of [racial slurs snipped] and riffraff was to squeeze out landlords. I refused to agree to rent to "Whites Only"

I had gone to the selectman asking for help with ridding my yard of heroin and crack cocaine dealers from my properties that I fixed up from a boarded up condition was only getting threatening behavior, no action from the Connecticut State Police when I respectfully begged for assistance with criminals.

I also complained about jerks that were abandoning cars and throwing piles of trash in my yard. I asked the Connecticut State Police to help with the illegal dumping on my property. I was sent a letter by the Connecticut State Police stating I would have to pay a $100/day fine until I cleaned up the trash.

Former Selectman John Julian allegedly took bribes in the Arizona restaurant in Stafford for just about everything. I believe at least one of his regular noon card games, contained at least one organized crime figure.

I asked for a dumpster and help. His alleged "connected" friends got dumpsters and help from the police. I told Julian that I was going to paint my house pink and put a small boat with oars on it, with a sign near the boat, "Steve's Oar House".

I saw Julian the following day after painting the house and stated in front of his friends at the card game that I took his advice on painting my house using his suggestion in painting it in the French/Italian motive.

Julian took credit for picking the color!

I then saw Julian the following day and he was absolutely ripped at me. I told him that I was looking for a small row boat with oars. A dumpster appeared on my law the following day and I heard no more of the $100/day fine from the Connecticut State Police.


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