Monday, October 29, 2007

"Connecticut Courts are a joke and a charade."

-William "Bill" Doriss

Mr. Doriss is suing New Haven and Connecticut for $20 million.

Doriss claims that Connecticut can be small business unfriendly.

Doriss' large dog bit and killed a smaller, unleashed dog. There were children allegedly about 30 feet away that witnessed the event. Doriss was charged with multiple counts of risk of injury to minors, felonies. William Doriss faced 80 to 140 years in prison for his dog getting out of his control.

Using this logic, can a parent that drives by a traffic fatality, with children in the car be charged with felonies, risk of injury to minors, facing decades in prison?

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Anonymous Doriss Day said...

I am a 63 year-old Ct.-native and Vietnam veteran. Five years ago today, I was in New Haven Superior Court facing an angry, short-tempered lady judge and a dyslexic, mentally-challenged lady prosector, who, in co-conspiracy, were subjecting me to the false testimonies of five civilians and two police officers. Four of those civilians and the "arresting officer" were Spanish-speaking. Two of those civilians were Spanish-speaking only. They spoke no English and their testimonies had to be translated for the Court.

Were any of these Spanish-speaking peoples "legal immigrants," Mr. DeStefanano?

Five years and one month ago, my New Haven state representative, James "Jimmy" Martinez died when he crashed his car on the I-91 at one o'clock in the morning. He was drunk at the time. He had had his drivers license suspended six times. He had failed to answer charges at New Haven Superior Court three times. The New Haven Advocate reported in Dec. '02 that his cases had been "closed."

Why did the State not afford me the same privileges? As my representative in the state assembly, Mr. Martinez had also failed to respond to my complaints to his office regarding these situations in his district.

In my two cases, which the State illegally combined into one jury trial, the State suborned the perjured testimonies of these people in a state-sponsored criminal act designed to put me behind bars for a very long time. I was facing exactly 13 criminal charges---nine felony--and 94 years prison (the statory maximum) over two dog accidents in New Haven.

If the father-son team had not contradicted one another, I would be in prison today. Danny Valentin (the father) told a story which essentially agreed with my own testimony and that of my sole witness, Sarah Ficca.

The State of Corrupticut had failed to coach Mr. Valentin, or else he was just too dumb to lie under oath in an Amesrican court of law. The State's attorney tried to get him to change his story five times, according to the transcript. He refused, making the prosecutor lady look stupid.

The block-watch captain, George Nieves, and his co-conspirator wife, Bethgodzilla, testified that they were witnesses when by their own testimonies they were at a doctor's appointment at Yale-New Haven at the very moment of the alleged incident. These Spanish-speaking thugs are bald-assed liars. And why are the block watch meetings held under the watchful eye of Lieut. John Smith at the nearby police substation on Congress Ave. Who appointed Mr. Nieves "block-watch" captain anyway, a quasi-law enforcement position? Incidentally, Lieut. Smith had previously arrested me at gunpoint in an excessive-use-of-force incident on Hallock Street. This incident was nolled by the State. No crime was committed by me. They had nothing. The Hill is full of rogue cops, and Lieut. Smith is an ignorant bully.

In New Haven, you have nothing to fear but Law Enforcement itself. The PERF report, released in August, substantiates what I have been saying for seven years about New Haven cops. Nobody listened to me then. Nobody listens to me now.

I am in federal court where I am charging the City of New Haven and the State of Corrupticut with false targeting, false arrest, false incarceration, false arraignment, the denial of a multitude of my civil and "Constitutional" rights, false trial, false witnessing, false conviction of two misdemeanors, false sentencing, false seizure and disposal of personal property, false appellate procedure (AC #23941), malicious prosecution and misuse of legal process.

I am the son of Lieut. Commander William Howard Doriss, U.S.N., ret., Greenwich Ct. and Arlington National Cemetary, 1965--a true, unsung hero of WWII. Every male member of my extended family has served in the uniformed armed services of the U.S., going back to the Civil War and probably longer. Some have sustained injuries, and an uncle I never met made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII. No member of my extended family has been charged with a crime or been convicted of a crime in well over 100 years. Can Sen DeLuca say the same?

On Nov. 25, 2002, I told the Court in New Haven: "These charges are false, they're ridiculous and they are untrue." Five years later, they are still false, ridiculous and untrue,... only more so. The Ct. courts will not allow me to correct the record and clear my name. The State refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for a multitude of errors and a gross miscarriage of justice in Ct. v. Doriss (#495971 and #502506).

The Ct. state judiciary is is Byzantine, incompetent, inefficient, dysfunctional and--yes--corrupt. Like I said in the video, "a joke and a charade."

My name is William H Doriss,Jr., and I approved this message. Corrupticut, the Unconstitution State, a state in Denial. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Mon Nov 12, 12:44:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Christine Koczur said...

My name is Christine Koczur. I have been reading the comments posted following the Courant article run about my case. I wanted to thank Mr. Doriss for his taking the time to state the facts-an error on my part that I have not been more vocal in getting the truth out there for all to hear. That is all about to change. I would like for Mr. Doriss to contact me
I have alot of incriminating information about various state employees and will yell from the rafters until someone listens and helps me take action. Strength in numbers. There are many more, they are just realizing that it is time to fight. There are a few officials who are not corrupt. I am finally finding them and they are helping me. We need our voice to be louder and in unison. More about my case here

Sat May 31, 09:21:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Christine Koczur said...

My name is Christine Koczur and I tried to contact Mr. Doriss on the Courant forum where he commented on my case. I would appreciate it if he would contact me as I have alot of incriminating information about state officials he would find interesting. Pooling our resources our cases may be stronger. I would appreciate advice and direction from anyone else who has been screwed by the state of Corrupticut and appreciates where I am coming from because they are battling the same monster.

Sat May 31, 09:39:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, It's me Sarah Ficca... the sole witness named in Bill's story.

I didn't get to see what happened with the two dogs. What I did see was Bill, upset, holding a little injured Chihuahua. He asked if we could use my apartment to get some water and see if the dog would revive. That's all I saw. The only reason I was called as a witness was because I saw Bill was upset, and his defense thought it was important that the jury know that.

What happened in court really soured me on the whole legal system. The prosecutor was so rude. She had no interest in "the truth" no interest in my perspective. Her clear goal was to win at any cost. I was unable to even speak without interruptions, "conjecture" "heresay" "the witness is not a psychological expert". It was horrible. I just wanted to tell the jury that Bill was upset, that we tried to help the dog. She, nor the judge had no interest.

Thu Oct 23, 01:12:00 PM 2008  

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