Friday, November 23, 2007

All too typical police bravado?

Cop tasers man in front of pregnant wife for speeding ticket

Note: I believe this is the video to go with the story as the link below does not work

Trooper Zaps Driver Over Speeding Ticket

By Associated Press
5:20 PM EST, November 21, 2007

SALT LAKE CITY - Authorities are speeding up their investigation of a state trooper who zapped a motorist with a Taser now that video of the traffic stop has been posted on YouTube, the Utah Highway Patrol said Wednesday.

The video, taken from Trooper John Gardner's patrol car, shows him drawing his Taser after Jared Massey refused to sign a speeding ticket Sept. 14 and walked away from the officer on U.S. 40 in eastern Utah.

A surprised Massey asks, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

Gardner fires, and Massey shrieks and falls.

"Face down! Face down! Put your hands behind your back!" Gardner orders.

A woman screaming hysterically emerges from the passenger side of the sport-utility vehicle Massey was driving, and the trooper tells her to get back inside "or you're going to jail, too."

Massey could not be reached for comment Wednesday. There was no phone listed for him in the Vernal area, where authorities said he is from. The highway patrol declined to make Gardner available for comment.

"I can't speculate on what was happening in the trooper's mind," said Trooper Cameron Roden, a patrol spokesman. "We have an internal investigation going on. ... With it coming out on YouTube, we have expedited the investigation."

The 10-minute video landed on YouTube after it was released to Massey under a public records request.

"We definitely have received a lot of feedback on it, calls and e-mail," Roden said.

Signing a speeding ticket is not an admission of guilt, Roden said. He described it as a promise that a motorist "will take care of the citation."

Under patrol policy, troopers can use a Taser if someone is a threat to themselves or others and other means of control are unreasonable, Roden said. Massey has filed a complaint, Roden said. He didn't know the status of the speeding ticket.

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Follow up video

Utah state cop who was video of Tasering Jared Massey

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Going to elected officials about public corruption

Either Everyone's rights are protected, or Nobody's are

I did. I was falsely arrested, a corrupt judge sentenced me to prison on the excuse that I overreacted to being mugged on my property. The mugger, a felon, was given immunity for his crimes so that I could get prison for resisting him, losing everything.

It was about retaliation, not justice. Rights aren't protected. The US Constitution does not apply. It may never have.

I was put into prison October 2002. I haven't had a normal holiday, birthday, or any day since. Believing the crap about freedom and "justice" in America taught to little kids and adults all the way up in American schools can cost you absolutely everything.

Former prisoners lose their credibility, ability to earn, lose their family infrastructure, retirement, credit, health insurance, ability to get most apartments, never mind ever own a home again, and their children, parents, siblings may have little to do with someone put in prison, wrongly or rightly.

A former inmate is perceived to not be able to be trusted around children, can be considered a thief whether guilty of theft or not, and can be perceived to be a sexual deviant or child molester just for having been in prison. More and more fathers in America are put in prison for just being unable, not unwilling, to pay child support and alimony, to be forever estranged from their children.

More and more, America is about lies and making a select group, the connected, organized crime, the corporate and Blue Blood Elite, all rich at everyone else's expense.
-Steven G. Erickson

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love my country but I believe it is being run by a bunch of corporate "gangsters" who have the judicial system in their pocket.

Fri Nov 23, 04:28:00 AM 2007  

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