Thursday, November 01, 2007

UFO awareness and a Presidential Candidate?

The below was a blog post in a profile of a presidential candidate claiming to have a million supporters, his myspace profile [here]

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In response to the UFO people....
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After receiving countless letters and links to videos like the one included below, I feel that now is the time for certain mysterious concepts to be dealt with in the light of day. For too long, our government has lied and mislead us about so many things that it is difficult at times for us to separate their truth from their fictions. As cited in the video below, even past presidents such as Bill Clinton wanted answers to questions such as "Who killed J.F.K.?" And "Are there U.F.O.s?" MILLIONS of people have seen UFOs, and no less than 100,000,000 Americans believe that there is SOMETHING happening in the skies, whether natural, alien or otherwise. They want and DESERVE answers.

On the UFO question, the government's paternalistic position that (1) they are a security threat that we cannot respond to and thus (2) their existence and all evidence of them is to be suppressed because (3) the People cannot handle the truth, is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. Only through truthful, candid disclosure will trust at the highest levels be restored. If there is a security threat to which we are impotent, then You and I deserve to know about it. We CAN handle the truth. If there are physical phenomenon which defy physical explanation, this points to great blind spots in our knowledge of nature, and should be investigated. I cannot imagine any scenario, no matter how X-Files, which justifies the further delay in revealing ALL of the truth about this subject to the People.

A comprehensive, independent, CIVILIAN-run study exploring the many well-documented occurrences of unidentified flying objects in our skies should be undertaken in order to help to restore the confidence of the public in our government. This study will be backed by My administration with all of the power of the office. All evidence and findings should be made available on the web.

If you have some time, watch the video linked below. It is a great overview of the topic. It is also recent, thorough and balanced.

Brad Lord-Leutwyler
Independent Candidate for President of the United States
"Together, We can take our government back!"

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