Sunday, December 02, 2007

America's Abu Ghraib style detentions of American Prisoners in America

Fathers that are not unwilling, just unable to pay child support and/or alimony and those that lodge complaints for judicial, prosecutorial, attorney, and police misconduct don't have their complaints investigated, they are often falsely arrested, endure kangaroo trials, and their false imprisonments can resemble this, and yes, in America:

Torture in American prisons

Text with video:
AbuGhuraib wasnt new...Americans are not new to torturing inhumanly....american prisons have a considerable history of such tortures..Lets See

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When I was in a Connecticut prison, I saw a news piece on 5 prison guards, on video, killing an inmate in 5 point restraints. The inmate was facing down, unable to do anything. I have not heard of any of the guards having been arrested for facing murder charges and a court of law. What does that say about how things really are in America?


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