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What Justice in Connecticut?

Man Spared Prison In Assault

By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY | Courant Staff Writer
December 13, 2007

A former juvenile probation officer accused of sexually assaulting a mentally disabled man pleaded no contest to reduced charges Wednesday and was spared prison time.

Andrew Whitehead, 67, of East Hartford, pleaded no contest to charges of third-degree assault, second-degree unlawful restraint and coercion in Superior Court in Hartford. A charge of first-degree sexual assault was not prosecuted.

With no contest pleas, a defendant neither admits nor denies committing the crimes.

Under the plea, Whitehead was sentenced to three years of probation. Among other requirements, he must undergo sex offender treatment if the Office of Adult Probation requires it, Judge David Gold told him. He does not have to register as a sex offender. His full sentence is three years in prison, suspended, and three years of probation.

The victim was 24 at the time of the assault. Whitehead has known him for years, police said; they met when the victim, then 13, was placed at the Lake Grove School in Durham, a residential treatment center for boys and girls with mental disabilities, where Whitehead was a supervisor. Whitehead went on to become a juvenile probation officer, a job he retired early from on Sept. 30, 2006, after his arrest, said Deborah Fuller, a judicial branch spokeswoman.

Two other men — one of whom also has a mental disability — have disclosed to police that Whitehead abused them, too, according to the arrest warrant, but police were not able to make arrests. Even in the case that went forward, physical evidence was lacking, the arrest affidavit shows.

"It was a difficult case," prosecutor Donna Mambrino said after the sentencing. "If I could have gotten [jail time], I would have done it. This was the best that the state could do, so he could get a conviction."

In court, Mambrino described the assault in June 2006:

The victim went to Whitehead's Cumberland Drive home in East Hartford to retrieve some items. While he was sitting on a bed sorting through his belongings, Whitehead lay on the bad, grabbed him and forced his face into the mattress. He put his knees on the back of the victim's arms and touched him sexually.

She later said the victim, who is incarcerated, would have preferred a prison term for Whitehead, but gets satisfaction from knowing "he still was standing here, admitting something."

The victim, who told authorities that Whitehead molested him from the time he was 13, told Mambrino that Whitehead "ruined his life."

"He has to live with the thoughts of what this man has done to him," she said.

When Gold explained the conditions of Whitehead's probation, which the judge described as strict, he asked if Whitehead had anything to say.

Whitehead said, "As a true Christian, your honor, I can only leave it in the hands of God. God sees all and knows all."

Gold emphasized that Whitehead must abide by the conditions of his probation.

"You must come to grips with the nature of these charges," Gold said.

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There is no rhyme or reason to "justice" in Connecticut. I left this comment on this article at

The guy in this story is a despicable human, a piece of trash, and HE is spared prison.

I was acting to benefit all in my former Stafford Springs, Connecticut town.

I was active in community issues looking to improve the general quality of life. I sought to get federal tax dollars to help police and to make improvements in town.

I was active in interacting with elected officials.

There was an attempted mugging on my property. I pepper sprayed the mugger who told me he would kill me if I did not turn over the wallet. I am called the victim in the Connecticut State Police follow up report, so my attacker was given immunity for his crimes to prosecute me for defending myself on my own property.

I got a year in prison, 3 years probation with no previous record. I was offered no deals, just prison and a trial.

The guy in this story must have connections. How can you sexually assault a mentally disable person for years and not get prison?

Those that run the courts in Connecticut are corrupt and out of their minds, just ask these two employees that exposed what type of corruption and federal taxpayer defrauding is going on at the hands of the Connecticut Judicial Branch:

-Steven G. Erickson

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* * * *

“P. Fed”

I’ll call him, “P.”

P. is a retired FBI agent, and he looks like a Fed, right down to his shoes. I want “P.” to do a video interview. He and his family had the displeasure of going through an Enfield, Connecticut, Court. They wouldn’t lie down and play dead, they didn’t beg for mercy. So, they were lied to into taking a deal, the court is a reneger. I believe “P.”, his wife, and his daughter have done nothing wrong, just falsely and/or inappropriately charged. If the court system in Connecticut will just grind to a pulp, a retired Fed and his family, the judges, prosecutors, and their lawyer friends are capable of anything. This monarchy of disaster, the Connecticut Courts, needs to be dethroned.

The Connecticut State Police told P. Fed to hold it close to his vest. In others words, “abide by the blue code.” Yeah, take it in the ass and be quiet about it.

You can’t lay to waste countless lives, wrecking families, children, and the economy forever, taking a higher and higher percentage of humanity. These official ogres have gone to far, and they’ll see what it is like to be punished back, put in a box, legally.

When the court system in Connecticut and the Connecticut State Police come under outside control, they all won’t be laughing.

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The Connecticut Judicial Branch Scam, A Survey

* * * *

August 2014 update to this post [found here].

Steven G. Erickson video favorites and uploads can be [found here]


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