Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got Freedom?

To all Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators:

Citizens that try to redress grievances to elected officials can be put on a police secret "enemies list" and are targets for false arrest and imprisonment. False allegations and police perjury accepted. Do you as legislators accept that citizens can be covertly spied on and are targets for political reasons, not for crimes committed? Is it ok that without your serving those that elect you, the US Constitution is null and void?

Ken Krayeske the campaign manager for the Connecticut Green Party for Governor was put on the secret police "Enemies List" and he was soon arrested, and had he not been a law student, journalist, and had connections, he would have been railroaded to prison for being on "the list". [more]

Christopher Kennedy and Francis C. P. Knize suffered judicial abuse in Connecticut Courts. I have watched their "progress" through the Appellate process. Judges will rule without jurisdiction, and summarily dismiss well prepared legal arguments. If the courts are rigged and if legislators will not act for constituents abused by system, there are no checks and balances.

Ritt Goldstein [video] came to you, and told you what was wrong with the courts and police at a special hearing you held in Dec. 1996, Ritt soon fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden as he was so terrorized by Connecticut police. Should informing elected officials of police, prosecutorial, attorney, judicial, and official misconduct be reason for a citizen to be terrorize, arrested, and/or imprisoned as a political prisoner?

I went to State Senator Tony Guglielmo of Stafford, CT. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, for courts to act in the public's best interest for legislation, and asked the Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court be removed for bias in civil cases. I was then attacked on my property by a police informant, only I was arrested. Police had followed me around and told me that I would be arrested if I didn't leave Connecticut BEFORE I was arrested for having to defend myself. Judge Jonathan Kaplan, a judge I tried to remove, sentenced me to a year in prison with no record for assault 3rd and breach of peace and fixed my case so I would go to prison.

Is that ok with you?

Is it ok with you that a US Marine that had lodge a police misconduct complaint and Connecticut police paid an informant $10,000 to kill Stephen Murzin? Is it ok that another police informant, a felon on probation, stabbed Stephen 13 times, and was not violated by a Connecticut judge? Is it ok that Murzin was arrested in the hospital, for waking up with stab wounds, alive, for having "created a disturbance" while being stabbed? [more]

The whole country follows Connecticut lead in prison, DCF, police, and Constitutional legislation trends. What do you as legislators owe Americans, your children, your grandchildren?

Please turn back the tide that is making America a Police State with a poor quality of life for most citizens and which is, increasingly, a bad place to raise a family, live, own a home, and retire in.

-Steven G. Erickson

I am posting this email to you [here]

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