Monday, February 11, 2008

Bush, Clinton, and Back Door Borrowing?

Do Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have something big in common? Are billions being stolen from taxpayers, by installing judges that don't go after the corrupt politicians that appoint them?

run time of video: approx 15 min

Complete Steven G. Erickson interview of Elena Sassower (approx 55 minutes)

Billions of dollars in bonds can be pilfered. Elena Sassower contacted Hillary Clinton's US Senate Office in New York and found herself in prison for 6 months to shut her up about what Hillary Clinton didn't want exposed. [click here] for more

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I lodged complaints against Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan for bias in civil cases, going to elected officials to try and have him removed. A felon was given immunity for trying to rob me, threatening my life, and for jumping me and assaulting me, for Judge Jonathan Kaplan to rig my trial so I got a year in prison for pepper spraying the mugger in my dark driveway:

[click here] for:

Report crimes to police, risk arrest and prison

Chris Kennedy, a prominent Ellington, Connecticut, citizen that ran for State Representative, talks about how Judge Kaplan retaliates against citizens that lodge police or judicial misconduct complaints. [click here]

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