Monday, February 04, 2008

My Last Meal?

It is easy to end up in prison, and maybe for life.

The last time I ended up in prison, I had previously owned about $500,000 in real estate and had a small business built up over 2 decades.

All it took to end up in prison was to live or be in Connecticut, and believe in Free Speech and the US Constitutionm and test one's theory that you actually have rights that will be protected.

I resisted being mugged on my own property, feet from my back door. The mugger beat me from behind after jumping me, telling me he would kill me if I didn't turn over my wallet. I pepper sprayed him. Self-defense isn't legal in Connecticut, so the mugger was given immunity to prosecute me.

Police didn't arrest my assailant and paraded me around my home in handcuffs for all of my neighbors to see. I was placed on the hood of the car facing forward with another Connecticut State Police cruiser's spotlight, as a trophy, so all that drove by could see me in handcuffs.

Police offered a crack cocaine smoking, alcoholic, and prostitute bopping, bi-polar, sociopath, help in obtaining a gun permit, to terrorize me and my 14 year old daughter out of Connecticut. I posted the audio of his threats to kill my daughter if she didn't smile at him and address him "correctly" [click here]

The Connecticut State Police arrested this citizen for legally carrying a pistol, but someone saw it when his coat opened. [story]

So, if I leave the sanctuary of Brattleboro, Vermont, and end up in Connecticut testing that state's Un-American policies, maybe I could end up railroaded to prison for life, again held in a Connecticut jail, as a political prison.

If I do, I would like what is above, served as my last meal on the outside.

* * * *

Click image for larger size. This letter shows the utter ridiculousness of my plight. The nightmare started then and still hasn't ended.

Connecticut State Police Troop C Troopers and Stafford Police allegedly offered Peter Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit if he used tactics like this to terrorize and my then 14 year old daughter out of Connecticut. Coukos became the owner of the properties that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition. Terms of the sale, which he decided to write in at the last minute, was that I was to stay on the property and live in an illegal apartment in the basement. When police informed Coukos I was kicked out of Connecticut, he started leaving messages like the one below and assaulting me if he caught me outside my door.

The properties in Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut:

Evidence that police in Connecticut target citizens and use police informants to terrorize and assault citizens that make police misconduct complaints, an informant under oath:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh yeah, but loser, you were convicted of Assault 3rd degree w/ physical injury, plus Breach of Peace in the 2nd.

What a loser you are Erickson...a pathetic, low-life loser.

Tue Feb 05, 08:19:00 PM 2008  
Blogger The_SRV said...

Officer, you are entitled to your opinion.

What did you feel compelled to look up to defend what?

Why don't you state your name?

I do.

My name is Steven G. Erickson.

There are plenty of good police officera in Connecticut.

It is either sheep like you, or "supposed" leaders like you, that ruin the reputations of the "majority" of all the rest.

Tue Feb 05, 11:51:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have found your post sooner. Agranoff ripped us off too. He just wastes times and bills hours. He did nothing, absolutely nothing. He doesn't prepare, doesn't know the case, and doesn't care. If I got my law license in a crackerjax box I would be a better lawyer than him.

Sun Nov 09, 01:14:00 AM 2008  

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