Monday, March 17, 2008

Cartoon Character Armed Thugs ...

or Connecticut State Police? [click here for more]

[click here] for my video on why the Connecticut State Police should be abolished. A Connecticut Highway Patrol should be formed, city and town departments bolstered, and police should not police, police. There should be Civilian Oversight of Police to cut down on the rampant police misconduct, brutality, and even the rape and sexual assault of citizens at the hands of police officers.

Mocking Police in Connecticut:

[click here] for faces from a police state

[click here] for my youtube videos

Should corrupt former Governor, and convicted felon, John G. Rowland, get paid almost 6 figures by taxpayers in a job created just for him, after he ripped off and abused taxpayers as governor of Connecticut? [more]

Little kids dressing up as cops, couldn't look as goofy as these "Helmut Head" Connecticut State Police

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