Sunday, March 09, 2008

Asking a Governor to fix a Police State:

To Governor M Jodi Rell March 9, 2008


CT State Police Covert Ops

I contacted State Senators, Kissel and Guglielmo, both Republicans like yourself, Governor M. Jodi Rell. I had complained about the lack of protection and service of the Connecticut State Police, Troop C. I talked about their rudeness, threats, and refusal to investigate and take complaints. State Police were out to make sure I lost my job, my home, my family, and that I was railroaded to prison for complaining. I believe that if an investigation is done, illegal, and Unconstitutional practices of the Connecticut State Police will be exposed.

Felons with encouragement from police were threatening and terrorizing me at both my homes in Somersville and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. State Police were telling town officers that they weren’t allowed to protect and serve me according to a Somers officer. I had to run from my vehicle, keys in hand, and get into my property not to be attacked.

I told Kissel about the violent felon drug dealer camping in my Somersville back yard, 18 School St., parking his unregistered vehicles in my yard and driveway telling me I was not allowed to use my driveway and backyard, and that I would be beaten if I said anything. Troop C officers refused to help.

I told Senator Guglielmo about a violent felon burglar, drug abuser who was threatening my life along with teen and other drug dealers in Stafford Springs at 3 and 5 Church St. Troop C said they would only arrest me and refused to take complaints.

I didn’t make it one evening, so it was an excuse to put me in prison for resisting being beaten up on my own property. My attacker was never arrested. A judge I tried to remove for years for bias in civil cases, who I had lodged complaints against, fixed the excuse that was my criminal trial. Why should tax dollars be used to take honest, productive, home owning, taxpayers that are raising families by non-productive, criminal parasites?

Don Christmas of Enfield, CT, also a landlord, that also was out to sue police and that had complained as I had, was attacked by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of a police officer. Only Donny faced prison and losing everything for being attacked and yelled at on his property in front of his family. The only reason Donny didn’t go to prison as citizens from all over the country were calling and writing into police and the courts.

Chris Kennedy contacted your legal staffer Kevin Rasch, complaining about Connecticut State Police and Judge Jonathan Kaplan. The next day Chris Kennedy was arrested and facing $500,000 for having accidentally checked the wrong box on a financial form!

200 Troopers so abused by the Connecticut State Police brass showed up at the Connecticut legislature. If police are so abused by police, what about citizens? When will we get justice? The Connecticut courts are only part of the corruption, abuse, and retaliation system. If you report felonies to an official, and if they don’t report the felonies to the proper investigating authorities aren’t the officials guilty of felonies?

The Trooper 1 helicopter pilot made terrorist threats to kill police officer and blow up aircraft and was still allowed to fly a police helicopter. Other officers are threatening death by leaving each other bullets, and even putting rattraps in each other’s mailboxes.

I have posted a video where a police informant under oath tells how he attacks citizens so only the citizen is arrested, terrorizes them out of towns, and only the citizen is arrested. It sounds like the Connecticut State Police are more likely to terrorize citizens, doing more damage to America and Freedom, than any supposed terrorist coming in to the US from the Middle East.

Connecticut State Police [Domestic Spying] are using tax dollars to pay criminals to commit crime. They are tapping phones, hacking computers, stalking and terrorizing citizens, breaking the laws, ripping tax payers off, committing fraud, raping citizens, assaulting citizens, out to cause deaths, break up of families, obstruct justice, are racketeering, and are more of an armed political gang of thugs, a street gang and Mafia-like organization, more so than any law enforcement organization.

Will you please look into my case and see that trial transcripts from my court case are examined and that Troopers Langlois and Amaral are investigated for committing perjury in my case?

-Steven G. Erickson

PS. I am posting this email to you [here]

The Connecticut Courts are a hostile work environment, are unjust, fixed, retaliatory, Unconstitutional, and are fraud upon taxpayers. Two Judicial Branch Employees blow the whistle [here]


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