Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Legislating Fairness?

Should this be the insignia on Connecticut State Police badges and be substituted for the current Connecticut State Flag?

To: Tony Guglielmo and the Connecticut Public Safety Committee

I read in the Courant where gang members stabbed someone to death and got no jail time. I resisted being mugged on my own property and was given a year in prison. Do you see some disparity of justice here, and can I finally get some relief after living 6 years of living hell?

Before police conspired to torch my life, I came to you about removing Judge Jonathan Kaplan, prosecutor Keith Courier for threatening me with prosecution for evicting prostitute Lana Thompson (I played you the threats on tape she made to you) and informed you that police threatened me also, and since police had refused to serve Stafford citizens based on race, their occupation, or their lack of "connections", I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police.

Tony, you wrote me letters and signed them praising me for the letters to the editor that I were printed, the letter I wrote to Bush about being under siege as an investor in downtown America with the lack of adequate police and court protections, and for legislation I had proposed to you.

I later find out that if a citizen proposes legislation, writes letters to the editor critical of police, or proposes legislation police don't like, the citizen's name, address, and other information is given to the Commissioner of the State Police, then, in my case, it was Arthur L. Spada. Spada is known for retaliation practices, using police as thugs, ordering illegal surveillance including sabotaging and hacking personal computers, obstruction of justice, cover ups, and possibly racketeering and other serious crimes.

Connecticut State Police encourage individuals to threaten, harass, make false statements, manufacture and withhold evidence, and assault and even kill citizens. The perpetrators in my case, knew that only I would be arrested, no matter what they did, and that they would get favors or cash from police. It has been a long standing practice to have Connecticut State Registered Police Informants terrorize citizens out of business, their homes, and to even beat police officers on orders of other police officers.

Can you imagine having Peter Coukos punching you in your back slapping you in the back of the head telling you he wanted your underage, teenage daughter to get on her knees and provide him with oral sex? He taunted me to fight him. It would have ended up in my being arrested again. Coukos, a frequenter of prostitutes, crack cocaine and prescription drug abuser, alcoholic, and admitted sociopath with a bi-polar disorder was allegedly offered help in obtaining a pistol permit to assault me and terrorize my then 14 year old daughter who he had an obsession with.

Tony, can you imagine not having contact with your daughter again, after being a target of police, for legal, Constitutional behavior? Can you imagine an abuser that abused you taking over your business and property as a reward for abusing you?

I request that the Public Safety Committee review the transcripts of what passed off as a "trial" with Judge Jonathan Kaplan presiding. I request that a special hearing be held where I, Chris Kennedy, and others retaliated upon by police and members of the judiciary are able to speak about our cases and to suggest ways to prevent future citizen abuse and disregard for the US Constitution.

The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs Unit in Connecticut has a policy for those lodging police misconduct complaints, it is called "Arrest and Discredit" and complaints aren't adequately investigated. Police are terrorizing other police officers into silence and submission.

Should a US Marine that is stabbed 13 times get arrested waking up in a hospital? Stephen Murzin had made a police misconduct complaint. A Connecticut Judge felt that a felon on probation, shouldn't be violated on probation for almost killing 3 people, probably because he knew that the felon was acting under orders and probably paid by police with tax dollars to commit the felonies. This shows that illegal collusion between judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and police exists in Connecticut.

I propose Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to be considered by the Public Safety Committee Legislator and to look into the case of Ritt Goldstein who testified with International experts on Civilian Oversight of Police was so terrorized by police after officially testifying in front of Connecticut legislators that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

I am posting this email to you [here]

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

This email sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Should police have unlimited "homeland security" excuses to abuse and do as they please? Well, legislators might sneak [this] past you.

[click here] for my letter to Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher, III


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