Sunday, August 03, 2008

Non-custodial parent issues

Not all parents who don't have custody are out to kidnap their own kids. The courts are often unfair to men in custody and divorce cases. Men can end up in prison and women involved in similar behavior usually don't. [My issues with courts]

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The below from the BBC [found here]

FBI arrest 'child snatch father'

Clark Rockefeller and Reigh Boss
Reigh Boss vanished during a supervised visit to her father in the US

A father who is accused of snatching his seven-year-old daughter during a supervised visit to the US is now in custody in Baltimore, the FBI has said.

Clark Rockefeller, 48, was arrested by FBI agents and Baltimore police after a tip-off by a member of the public.

His London-based daughter Reigh Storrow Boss, who went missing on Sunday, was found safe and well in an apartment.

She is to be reunited with her mother Sandra, who said she was "overjoyed" at having her daughter back.

Ms Boss, who was said to have collapsed into an officer's arms when she heard the news, also expressed her "deepest gratitude" to everyone involved in the investigation.

First words

Mr Rockefeller had taken his daughter to an apartment in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore, Maryland.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says the child 'appears unharmed'

The FBI said the apartment was near a marina, where Mr Rockefeller kept his catamaran, and they tricked him into leaving the apartment by saying the boat was taking on water.

Reigh was discovered by police at 1529 local time (0829 BST) on Saturday.

A police spokeswoman said she had been "ecstatic" when rescuers arrived.

"Her first words were that she was very happy to see very nice people," she said.

Mr Rockefeller and his daughter were last seen being dropped off at New York's Grand Central Station on Sunday night.

Earlier that afternoon, a social worker reported to police that Reigh had been kidnapped on a supervised visit.

It was Mr Rockefeller's first supervised visit with his daughter since he split with Ms Boss in December.

Mysterious man

The BBC's Justin Webb in Washington said police initially suspected Mr Rockefeller was trying to flee to Bermuda or Peru on a yacht docked in Long Island, New York.

But they now believe Mr Rockefeller may have planted false clues to throw investigators off his trail, he added.

Ms Boss made an internet video appeal for the safe return of her daughter, who has the nickname "Snooks".

In the appeal released by Boston Police Department, Ms Boss said: "We both love her dearly and have only her best interests and well-being at heart."

Ms Boss works for management consultancy McKinsey & Co in London. She is a Harvard graduate who has worked for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Boston police issued an arrest warrant for Mr Rockefeller on charges of custodial kidnapping, assault and battery, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Mr Rockefeller does not belong to the Rockefeller dynasty that earned its fortune in the oil industry.


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