Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Live Free or Die?

Well if you want to live free, and if something isn't done, you may die against your will just for asking, that is after the complimentary detention, torture, and execution.

I'm contacting elected officials who I think might care and actually do something.


To Chris Shays,

I know your Committee assignments. I would like to talk to you about being filmed in high definition about the subject below. Will you talk about judicial, police, and government agency accountability and needed oversight with me?

If the FBI is looking for less accountability and more money, and the CIA who has it, is using its torture detainee transport planes to smuggle heroin and cocaine into the US. Should the FBI be able to start their own domestic spying program, have covert torture and execution camps, funds to railroad citizens to be held as political prisoners, have their own drug smuggling business, and have enough money and power to use elected officials as puppets?

The CIA drug smuggling story, here:


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