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Bush to be arrested for Cocaine and Heroin Conspiracy?

If there were evidence brought to Charlotte Dennett if she is elected to Vermont Attorney General she probably would based on what she has said. She would have Vincent Bugliosi as her special prosecutor if she is elected to prosecute Bush for murder. [Her video statement from yesterday about her efforts to arrest Bush for murder]

Cocaine, Prostitutes, and George W. Bush?

The accusation of the Bush cocaine use among topless dancers and prostitutes made at the end of the above video.

[more information here]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Vultures Rule - - Thirteen

No doubt you are wondering how the Frasca Kennel was picked to be hit by the Maine organized criminal racketeering enterprise. Typically the racketeers steal small dogs and horses. The Frasca kennel had approximately 150 dogs, a horse, a couple of parrots, and pet rabbits.

Just so we are all clear on exactly how much money the racketeers expect to steal from this kennel, Norma Worley laughed when she told Heidi Frasca that the State had put a lean on their house for $100,000. And the State put a freeze on the Frascas bank account and their credit cards. What the racketeers really want is a helpless victim. They know that the attorneys won’t take your case without thousands of dollars paid up front, so they figure you won’t be able to oppose them because first they have cut off your money, two you are traumatized, and three if you manage to find an attorney who will take the case, the attorney owes his first allegiance to the court so the State can control him.

Unfortunately for the State of Maine, the warrant they used to get onto the property is null and void because of a prior unconstitutional search done just days before the raid. Under the law you cannot conduct a “Fishing Expedition” then use that “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” illegally gained information to get a warrant. Any judge who signs such a warrant has committed Treason as they have no jurisdiction. That the United States Supreme Court has clearly, and repeatedly, held that any judge who acts without jurisdiction is engaged in an act of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101, S. Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed. 2d 392, 406 (1980): Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821).

The State of Maine started making many bogus visits to the Frasca kennel. Then when nothing incriminating was found, Christine Frasier, the State veterinarian, demanded 6 months of Heidi’s contracts on the sale of dogs. Heidi objected. Frasier threatened to revoke Heidi’s kennel license if she refused (official oppression, threats, coercion, extortion). Not knowing that Norma Worley was the head of the organized criminal racketeering enterprise, Heidi contacted Norma Worley by email and told her what was happening thinking that Worley would tell Frasier to back off. Not so, Worley told Heidi that Worley and her people could do “anything they wanted to do”. So with the threat of putting the kennel out of business if Heidi refused the demand, Heidi Frasca was forced to hand over her contracts.

Meanwhile the harassment and visits to the Frasca kennel became worse. Again thinking that Frasier was behind this discrimination, Heidi complained to Norma Worley by email.

Per PETA/HSUS, the Maine legislature passed a bill forcing a surcharge on every dog sold in the State by a licensed kennel. This is an unconstitutional law because breeding animals is a “natural” right and cannot be taxed by anyone. The surcharge required that every sale of a puppy or kitten, or dog or cat that was unaltered required the seller to send the State of Maine Animal Welfare Department $25.00 on monthly report sheets. This was to pay for the HELP FIX ME spay and neuter program the State wanted breeders to fund. TAXATION without REPRESENTATION and again official oppression because the State threatened to put the kennels and catteries out of business if they refused to comply.

Breeders got together and complained and finally the breeders went to speak before the legislature. Finally the unconstitutional surcharge law was revoked but it remained in effect until October 2005. The State, meanwhile continued collecting the money - - clearly unconstitutional. During the summer of 2005 John Frasca had a motor cycle accident and found out during the hospital visit that he had two very serious illnesses. He required immediate chemotherapy which was costly and he had runaway diabetes. Prior to this shocking news, the kennel had been paying the unconstitutional surcharges but since the family had no health insurance things got financially difficult. Heidi wrote to the Animal Welfare department telling them she could not pay the surcharge and asked for the State to work out a payment plan. Norma Worley told Heidi not to worry about it that “we will work out a payment plan”. Of course, at the time, Heidi had no idea that payment plan was that the racketeers planned to steal everything she and her husband owned. Worley never sent Heidi a payment plan though Heidi kept asking for one. Then another years worth of sales contracts were seized by Christine Frasier.

What Heidi learned was that the State, Christine Frasier in particular was calling all Heidi’s past dog buyers and telling them there were problems with the kennel in preparation for the raid on her property.

Frasier was telling the dog buyers that Heidi had been in an illegal pet store business in Massachusetts and that Jaime far from being a state-of-the-art kennel was a “puppymill”. Now what do you know about the words “puppymill” and “hoarding”? Those terms come from the domestic terrorists PETA and HSUS who trained judges, law enforcement, animal welfare agents etc. in Maine. WHY are domestic terrorists training anyone??? Frasier also told the dog buyers that Heidi was selling ill puppies. The customers knowing full well this was a lie (as would anyone who ever saw the kennel) sent Heidi notarized statements that swore to what Frasier was doing.
Again thinking that Norma Worley as the Director needed to know what her employee was doing, Heidi contacted Norma Worley via email. (By the way, reader, you now know why the State told every computer in the Frasca house when they conducted their criminal racketeering raid. They were afraid of those incriminating emails to Worley and they needed to purge them from Heidi’s computer.) Worley told Heidi that unless Heidi had proof of these things she would not listen to such nonsense. So Heidi called the people who wrote the notarized letters and had them speak with Norma Worley.

In 2006 Norma Worley refused to renew Heidi’s kennel license. Worley said she had over 80 complaints about the kennel. Just a couple of weeks prior, Worley had sent Heidi an email stating that in the six years in business in Maine, Heidi had only 11 complaints and most of these were because the AKC (not Heidi) failed to send the animal’s paperwork on a timely basis. The reason for the seized contracts then became clear…..not enough complaints coming in fast enough so seize the contracts and make them up using Heidi’s customers’ names.

When Heidi became aware of this fact she demanded an administrative hearing before the Agricultural Department again thinking that at least Seth Bradstreet, III must be honest. But No. When Heidi began to realize that this was a set up, she started looking for an attorney in administrative and municipal law. She hired Mike Montembeau from Smith Elliott Smith and Garmey. He said at their first meeting that his law firm is aggressive and that he would put a cease and desist on the town of Buxton who had joined in the harassment of the kennel by denying a municipal kennel license.

Chief of Police Jody Thomas and Animal Control Officer, Alex Sanborn committed this crime against Heidi with the full back up of the town selectmen led by chairman Jean Harmon. Mike Montembeau went to the administrative hearing on July 18th after Heidi asked him not to accept a July date since the department of Animal Welfare had taken 6 months to get the evidence to Heidi and she needed time to go through all of it and prepare for the Hearing. Mike Montembeau was going away for a few days so Heidi let the lack of response back from him slide. The attorney far from following Heidi’s wishes, accepted the date. The “evidence” presented against the kennel at the Hearing was blackened out. As you know the U.S. Constitution provides that you know who your accuser is and you face them and ask them questions. So this “evidence” was unconstitutional. The State should have dismissed the entire thing then. But since the Maine Attorney General is involved in the organized criminal racketeering enterprise, Norma Worley another given two months to get “evidence” together and be back in the Hearing in September. After the Hearing Mike Montembeau became distant and quiet and uncommunicative so knowing that an attorney’s first obligation is to the court, the second is to the “people” and his last is to his client, Heidi did not need to be hit on the head with a brick to know that the attorney had switched sides. Heidi fired him but when her husband brought home her files from the law firm, many, many pieces of evidence against the State were missing. A phone call to the attorney yielded nothing. Mike Montembeau of Smith Elliott Smith and Garmey said he simply had no more of her material. The law firm actually claimed they lost evidence!

Heidi started getting phone calls from people that had had their animals seized by Norma Worley and her band of State sanctioned thugs. One call was from Carol Murphy who wrote the articles “When Vultures Rule” which can be found on the internet by going to and typing that title in. Readers can also see the John Stossel report on animal seizures on 20/20’s internet site at: More evidence is on Heidi’s site at http:

On the early morning of August 21, 2007 Heidi let her old house dog Mojo out to go to the bathroom and caught a person running from her kennel puppyroom window. The unknown intruder jumped over the gate. She knew someone had given her dogs’ sarcoptic mange and she suspects that the Animal Welfare Department racketeers were responsible. They needed some charge they could file to take her animals and thousands of dollars in fines. Sarcoptic Mange is not normal on dogs and only the very young or very old and dogs with compromised immune systems will get it bad. Heidi now believes that they are also
responsible for the Giardia outbreak at the kennel because this is the typical modus operandi of PETA/HSUS domestic terrorist trained operatives. The State shut down the kennel and quarantined it against sales for 3 weeks. So the question each reader should be asking themselves is: How would the State know just when to show up to learn that this problem existed in the kennel at this particular time?
We had to have special tests done by the vet to test for it that were very expensive.

On or about August 8, 2007, Christine Frasier, an unknown woman agent, and Buxton police officer Mike Grovo, without benefit of any warrants, drove past the Kennel Constitutional Federal No Trespassing sign (must have a warrant to pass that sign), and drove all the way up to the kennel area. They got out of the car and walked toward the kennel. John Frasca went out and asked if they had a warrant. Grovo said, “No”. John told them to get off his property. Grovo actually refused to leave. He detained John on his own property illegally and conducted an illegal interrogation. He told John that until John produced a driver’s license to prove he was the homeowner, Grovo was not leaving. Meanwhile, all three were conducting an unconstitutional search of the kennel area. The law specifically provides that there are to be NO FISHING EXPEDITIONS.

Finally the three left and Heidi filed a Notice of Intent to Sue against each of the actual intruders, their supervisors, the municipality who pays Grovo, and the Department of Agriculture and State of Maine who pays and are responsible for the training and conduct of their employees.

As mentioned in the last When Vultures Rule, in the early morning hours of August 21, 2007 the Buxton Police raided the Frasca home, literally dragged them from their beds, made them go to the bathroom with the doors open, and made them go outside without dressing. They took everything: phones, computers, paperwork, cameras, tax records, complete files, anything and everything in the house. They even took the children’s cameras and computers and Heidi’s daughter who is in her final 3 semesters of nursing school had her laptop computer with all of her nursing studies stolen as well as Heidi’s brand new laptop, cut off the Frascas bank account and their credit cards leaving them with no money. Bills with stamps on them waiting to be mailed were taken which is theft of U.S. mail – another federal offence. The racketeers emptied the Frasca house and defiled it, and the $100,000 lean on the property is a violation of the United States Constitution. The Chief of Police told the Frascas they were there to seize their dogs and property. The same police officer, Mike Grovo who was being sued by the Frascas led this assault. Clearly this was retaliation against Whistleblowers and criminal retaliation against sovereign persons because the Frascas chose to take advantage of their U.S. Constitutional right to Redress of Grievances in a court of law by filing the law suit against this band of State organized criminal racketeers.

Keep in mind that no warrant could be issued after the illegal/unconstitutional search the racketeers had already conducted. Yet Judge Marilyn Stavros of the York District Court actually signed one. That means that the judge had no jurisdiction and that she immediately lost her immunity to prosecution under the law. It further means that every person who followed her null and void warrant also violated their Oath of Office which is treason. The law is clear: First, no judge can sign a warrant where there have been no charges, no notice, no due process, no just compensation and where an illegal/unconstitutional search and armed home invasion has been conducted without benefit of necessary warrants. Second, The state Supreme Courts have held that those who aid, abet, advise, act upon and execute the order of a judge who acts without jurisdiction are equally guilty. They are equally guilty of a crime against the U.S. Government.

Heidi and John Frasca watched the racketeers for the entire first two days of this theft of their property without benefit of a warrant. They saw that the animals were not fed, watered nor cleaned. This is another tactic that is used by domestic terrorist trained racketeers. They let the animals starve for a week and do not clean them, then they photograph the conditions and report to the public that, “This is the Worst case of animal abuse we have ever seen”. Because the media typically goes along with whatever the State tells them, the owner has no chance of clearing their name. In the case of the Frascas, they had an automatic watering system. Worley and her band of thugs shut off the water. After three days, they put out dishes of water and the dogs went crazy trying to get a drink. That’s when the State filmed them.

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