Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disney and the dark manipulation of the young mind

This video uploaded by realvworld

Text included with video:

A child's brain before the age of 5 grows at an exceptional rate What they see and experience will shapes their ideals on life in their adult years. This information has come from many Doctors and scientist. So its safe to say what they watch is very important.

Disney is the biggest and most powerful corporation in animation. But does it have our children's best interest at heart or is it all out to gain as much money as possible. And teaching children a more sinister warped view of life.

It bothers me that some of us can see how wars are started, gained for more power and money for the people who created and started them.

There are other wars that may be the most important of them all and that's the war against ourselves and others. Much energy and thinking goes on how we look, what we should look like, be like.. That Takes time away from what is really the truth. That we are all unique and beautiful just the way we are.

This video are parts that I have taken from Mickey Mouse Monopoly that takes a real dark honest look at Disney, And the power it holds on not just children but the world.

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I started watching the above video and thought it was some sort of militant feminist protest on how females are depicted in cartoons. I ended up watching the whole video and came away with looking at children's Disney Movies in a different way. I agree with Disney that they are a for profit business, but also think there is a responsibility in shaping children's behavior and in educating them. I'd don't think it should be mandatory or legislated, let the free market address the situation. I'm not for censorship, but if I were a parent of young children, I might not go out of my way to get the Disney DVDs mentioned in the above video for my children.


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