Monday, November 03, 2008

Happening today, Montpelier, Vermont

for notice, scroll below photos.

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Some "Team Prosecute Bush" member photos:

Vincent Bugliosi and Charlotte Dennett

Kristina Borgesson

Ralph Lopez

Ilene Proctor, International Publicist

[click here] for "Team Prosecute Bush" video

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Notice for today:

RELEASE: Father of Slain New England Soldier to Appear with Charlotte Dennett in Press Conference in Montpelier, MONDAY 11AM‏

Date: NOV 2, 2008
Contact: Ralph Lopez
Tel: 617-[snipped]

SUBJECT: Father of Slain New England Soldier to Appear with Charlotte
Dennett in Press Conference in Montpelier

A press conference will be held on Monday, NOV. 3 at 11a.m. in front
of the State Capitol in Montpelier in which Attorney General Candidate
Charlotte Dennett will be supported by the father of a soldier slain
in Iraq. The father, Carlos Arredondo of Roslindale Massachusetts,
gained national attention when he set a Marine van and himself on fire
upon being told that his son was dead. Arredondo will stand by
Dennett in her quest to prosecute George Bush for the deaths of
American soldiers in Iraq, a war which Dennett believes she can prove
was started under false pretenses. Dennett has pledged to appoint
famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi as Special Counsel for the
prosecution on her first day in office. Dennett and Bugliosi have
been campaigning together since Dennett entered the race.

Mr. Arredondo has been traveling the country and speaking out against
the Iraq War and since his son's death.

In a May 2006 article for the Nation Arrendondo wrote:

"Alex went to basic training in California, then more training. Then,
because he wasn't being told anything by the military, he began asking
me for information about the Middle East, about what the President is
saying. Next thing I know, my son is being made ready for urban
combat. Next thing he's on the way to Kuwait, on the way to Iraq, and
I'm here at home learning that there's no nuclear armaments there,
there's none of them. I'm starting to learn all this, and my son is on
the way there."

At a September 15th, 2007 anti-war protest in Washington DC, Arredondo
was assaulted by members of the pro-war group "Gathering of Eagles,"
who snatched a picture of his son and punched and kicked him. On
Sept. 18, the group, which frequently appears to confront anti-war
protests, was honored along with other groups that the administration
deems in "support of the troops" at a breakfast on the South Lawn of
the White House.


LINK TO "Bush Honors Man Who Attacked War Opponent"

Mr. Bugliosi has won 105 out of 106 felony jury trials. He has
established that Vermont has jurisdiction to prosecute Bush for the
deaths of Vermont soldiers in the Iraq War. Mr. Bugliosi will show
the war was started on false pretenses. Mr. Bugliosi has established
jurisdiction for Vermont under the so-called "effects" principle of
the law, which gives prosecutors jurisdiction when a fraud or other
act outside the state results in harm to people of the state.

One piece of evidence for fraud often cited by Mr. Bugliosi is a key
October 2002 report to Congress, seven days before the war vote, in
which the conclusion by U.S intelligence that Saddam was not an
imminent threat was deleted.

Dennett radio spot running across Vermont, and one-half page ad in
this Sunday's Burlington Free Press

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[click here] for my most recent post on Charlotte Dennett and Vincent Bugliosi on "The Get Justice Coalition" blog.


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