Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mother sprays 3 year old with high pressure car wash wand

This is clear child abuse.

I don't know if this is a single mother, or not.

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My take on the whole single mother thing:

I have witnessed some of what passes as parenting by single mothers. They're often so afraid of not getting the love of their child, or children, they will not discipline children at all, will not require them to do any chores, and will use child support and alimony to absolutely spoil their children giving into every demand. These brats can become selfish adult sociopaths.

Men dating these single women with children can end up being assaulted by the children, the mother doing nothing. I know of a case of a teen who was caught stealing from his mother by the boyfriend, so the teen smashed the boyfriend in the head with a stool, possibly fracturing the boyfriend's skull, picking up a large mechanic's screw driver to stab him.

Children of single mothers often don't want to share their mother and will vandalize the boyfriend's car, steal items, destroy valuables, and cause as much stress and aggravation as possible in the hopes that their mother will break up with the boyfriend.

Not all fathers are winners, either. Two parent households where the children are related to both parents is ideal.

Lawyers don't make money if everyone gets along and their is justice. States don't get a massive influx of federal tax dollars if kids aren't fought over in court, if there aren't divorces, strife, crime, and injustice. States get federal funds to imprison, confine, process, force to take state ordered classes, put on probation, parole, and put restraining orders on, as many citizens as is possible.

[click here] for the Chris Kennedy story.

Chris Kennedy on Fatherlessness



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