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Punishments fitting "The Crime"?

Diana Pais

David Flattery Jr.

Robert DeCarolis

Police said they seized 200 bags of heroin, two cars and more than $1,700 in cash (COURTESY OF GLASTONBURY POLICE)

Glastonbury, Connecticut
Heroin Probe In Glastonbury Leads To Three Arrests

By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY | The Hartford Courant
January 1, 2009

GLASTONBURY - For people who wanted to buy heroin in town, police say Rob DeCarolis and David Flattery Jr. were the "go-to" guys.

The pair would drive to Hartford, police say, buy the drug for about $4 a bag, drive back to town and sell it for double the price.

"They were kind of the 'go-to' guys if you wanted heroin," said Sgt. Marc Hughes of the East Central Narcotics Task Force. "They were definitely making a profit."

The two men, however, have made their last sales for a while, police say. Narcotics officers arrested DeCarolis, Flattery and Flattery's girlfriend, Diana Pais, Tuesday in one of the bigger heroin busts this town has seen. Along with selling the drug, all three were heroin users, police said.

The arrests stem from an undercover probe of local heroin sales that spanned about two months, police said. All three of the accused — DeCarolis, 25, Flattery, 20, and Pais, 19 — live in town, Glastonbury police Sgt. Rich McKeon said.

In all, police seized 200 bags of heroin valued at a total of about $1,600, two sports cars and $1,788 in cash. Police also served 14 warrants, accusing the trio of other recent heroin transactions.

"This arrest, we believe, cuts off a significant supply to users in Glastonbury," McKeon said. But the job is far from finished, he said.

"By no means do we think we're done," McKeon said. "We're going to continue to go after dealers and anyone who may take their place."

As highlighted in a recent story in The Courant, heroin use has been increasing in Connecticut's suburbs, including Glastonbury, where the highly addictive drug recently killed two people.

DeCarolis, of Briarwood Drive, and Flattery, of Main Street, both were charged with sale and possession of heroin and other drug counts. DeCarolis' charges include operating a drug factory, possession of marijuana, possession of nitrous oxide — also known as "whippets" or "laughing gas" — and Xanax, a prescription drug used to treat panic disorders. The charges against Pais, of Salmon Brook Drive, include conspiracy to possess and sell heroin, police said.

DeCarolis' bail was set at $785,000. Flattery's was set at $450,000, and Pais' at $225,000. All three were scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court in Manchester Wednesday. Information about the arraignments was not available because the courts closed early.

The East Central Narcotics Task Force conducted the investigation and made the arrests, with help from Glastonbury police. The task force includes officers from Glastonbury, South Windsor and Manchester, where Hughes works.

The first arrests occurred about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday. Task force members and Glastonbury police arrested Flattery and Pais in the parking lot of the Burger King restaurant on Main Street after the two sold heroin to an undercover officer, police said. Investigators seized 13 bags of heroin, $241 and a Toyota MR2.

Police said they already had five warrants for Flattery for previous heroin sales. Flattery also had been charged with possession of heroin and conspiracy to sell heroin during an incident on Ferry Lane in September, police said. Officers also had two warrants charging Pais with conspiring to sell heroin to an undercover officer. Hughes said she was the driver during some of the drug deals.

About 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, officers arrested DeCarolis in the parking lot of the Hale Farms condominium complex after police said he sold heroin to an undercover officer. Police held seven warrants for his arrest on charges of previous drug sales to an undercover officer.

During Tuesday's arrest, the task force seized 187 bags of heroin, $1,547 and a 2002 Ford Mustang GT. They also confiscated marijuana, prescription pills, nitrous oxide, drug paraphernalia and a digital scale.

Police said DeCarolis was wearing a T-shirt at the time of his arrest that read, "Authorized Dealer."

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My comment posted on the piece:

These 3, decades ago, would be sneaking cigarettes and booze to go off secretly.

More recently maybe they'd be sneaking off with cigarettes, marijuana, and booze.

Heroin seems to be stronger, cheaper, and more plentiful since there have been troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Thank you, George W. Bush.

I don't think anyone should even try drugs, even marijuana. I used to think anyone who did, should be locked up. But I see that the US Government policies on drugs do more harm to people and the economy than do the drugs themselves.

Lawyers, governments, and the military corporations all make money from drugs. So, if you disagree with military occupations, murder, and a government elite profiting from your blood, selling your soul, do drugs.

These kids aren't criminals, they've made pretty poor choices, and are probably addicts, a medical problem. There are so many more dangerous criminals out there. Instead of investigating rapes, assaults, thefts, and murders, the police are doing the confiscation, fine, and headline thing mainly going after kids, easy targets, and those they want kept out of the loop.

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Old vs. New Method for dealing with "Big Mouths"

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Letter to Connecticut Attorney General

Dear Connecticut Attorney General, October 17, 2003

Subject: Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Court, Connecticut, 20 Park St.

With all due respect, I am trying to convey my story without a tone of anger, which is impossible. I mean no disrespect to you in any of my words below. I admit a lack of tact and can be guilty of not having basic common sense, but I have worked hard my entire life, spoke my mind too often, and have tried to improve my life and for those around me as long as I have been old enough to be aware. I feel a grave injustice has occurred and wish to make you aware for possibly investigating my claims. [more]

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

He calls himself the "Public's Lawyer". Blumenthal seems too busy to care about citizen complaints or [public corruption].

The Connecticut "Justice System" has the morals of a Whorehouse. If those you complain to about public corruption are allegedly part of the profiteering, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and the attorney, legislator, executive branch, judicial, prosecutorial, official, and police misconduct, what do you think happens to the complainer? How "ethical" are any investigations if there is no requirement that there is ethics in government?


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[click here] for pictures and video from Bill Cosby's Hartford, Connecticut, appearance on the topic of fatherlessness and fatherhood.

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The police misconduct complaints lodged by Steven G. Erickson against Connecticut State Troopers [click here]

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal allegedly refused to return calls, emails, and letters from Congressman Simmons office regarding just reviewing my trial transcripts. Blumenthal never answered me on my complaints against police officers in Connecticut.

The Connecticut State Police still have a policy of "Arrest and Discredit" for those who propose Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, for those who get "Mouthy" about police misconduct in newspapers or blogs, for those who wish to sue police, and for those who lodge police misconduct complaints.

Former Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor, Kenneth Krayeske, was placed on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List" and then arrested on sight. [story]

* * * *
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Richard "Ritt" Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to a special session of the Legislative Judiciary Committee in Hartford, Connecticut, December 1996. He soon fled to Sweden seeking political asylum so terrorized by Connecticut Police. [more]

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[click here] for:

The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

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US Marine comes home to Connecticut gets stabbed 13 times by felon on probation, David J. Taylor. Stephen Murzin is arrested when he woke up in the hospital alive with 13 stab wounds for having caused a disturbance while being stabbed. Murzin faced 6 months in prison. Felon on probation, David J. Taylor wasn't even violated on probation for trying to kill 3 people, ferociously stabbing them. [story with videos]

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[click here] for a post that is my open letter to the members of the legislative Public Safety Committee in Connecticut

Is Connecticut State Representative Michael P. Lawlor a propagandist? [more]

Grand Jury systems and the need for them explained [video]. Effective Grand Juries, acting independently, is what corrupt officials, police, prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys fear most.

* * * *

To: Connecticut State Representative Drew, Thomas J. [website]

I would like to pass onto you a number of individuals that can attest to the same thing regarding what is going in Connecticut. Mr. Drew are you interested in having me pass names onto you or to someone else in the legislative branch?

I am talking about public corruption of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the Judicial Branch, the Connecticut State Police, and other agencies, departments, individuals, and their families and associates.

The Connecticut DAS IP address seems to be involved in the hacking and harming of websites, possibly even in attempts to make computers permanently crash.

Numerous individuals could report of the judicial misconduct of Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Joe D'Alesio and others. Should there be defrauding of taxpayers, nepotism, retaliation, obstruction of justice, and the fixing of court cases going on within the Connecticut Judicial Branch? Judicial branch employees that allege misconduct of others don't have their claims investigated, they are sent out on unpaid leave, fired, and judicial marshals, private investigators, and other thugs are sent out to harass their family and friends.

I think there should be a special legislative hearing to call witnesses to public corruption.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

P.S. I am posting this email to you, here:

* * * *

[click here] for:

Sovereign and Judicial Immunity of Judges

There is a raging debate on whether judges should have blanket immunity from prosecution, even for malicious acts. Should a judge be able to stand up from the bench, pull a gun, shoot you dead, and then be immune from prosecution?

Should judges be able to rape, rob, murder, and falsely imprison citizens on their whims? [click here] for a video on the Grand Jury System and the need for a strong one.

* * * *

This public comment [video] was sealed from the public by the brass of the Connecticut Judicial Branch. Andrea Wilson and another judicial branch employee blow the whistle to judges, managers, and VIPs at an official hearing. This testimony and that of the public was hidden so the judicial branch could give itself straight A's in a rigged survey [video] paid for by tax dollars.

What are other insiders in the judicial branch saying when they feel free to let loose? [more]

* * * *

Should State Police, such as in Connecticut downtown areas, target home and business owners before they do prostitutes, drug dealers, and other criminals? [more]

Is Ellington, Stafford Springs area, Connecticut, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff the worst and most dishonest lawyer in Connecticut? My letter to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal [here]

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