Friday, August 07, 2009

Microsoft mirror to US Gov?

What type of taste does the US Government and the US Government Jr., Microsoft, leave in the mouths of We the People?

I purchased a laptop with Windows Vista with 512 megabytes of RAM last Summer. Like most PCs with a Microsoft operating system, I was aggravated and felt ripped off immediately after purchase, and after my most recent computer purchase have thought about the similarities of promises, delivery of services, attitude, and management style of the US Government mirroring a smaller cog in the wheel, Microsoft.

It is amazing to me how alike they really are.

I had been plodding along on an outdated HP PC laptop with XP, and just couldn't get on the internet anymore and it would crash when having anything to do with rendering and editing video clips. I am a poster of videos on the internet, and that is a “must have” for me, so I just had to take the plunge, buying another computer. I had bought a laptop with Vista last Summer, and was so frustrated, I sold it online after 3 months of swearing and taking out a notepad, not the computer, to release my creative energy.

Windows Vista was not compatible with any of my peripherals. I had recently purchased video editing software, a DV video camera, DVD burner, printer, etc. and nothing worked! I was faced with re-buying everything to be Vista compatible or in finding a used or new computer with the older system, XP, on it. Vista is a resource hog, is unstable, and has more bugs than a house infested with termites. You need to have at least a gig of RAM to even make Vista resemble operating at any kind of speed. My new computer with Vista was the slowest computer I have ever owned or used, and I have been using computers since 1980. What were they thinking, only sending out units with 512 megabytes of RAM that made the computer seem like it would take 5 minutes booting up, shutting down, or just deciding if the piece of junk felt like doing any computing?

Wanting XP on a new computer, I sought out a provider of business computers as they are still available, new, with XP loaded. I chose a Lenovo “Think Pad” with 2 gigs of RAM, a 160 gig hard drive and a processor with a clock speed just over 2 and paid just over $500.

It's fast, and does what I wanted it to do. I usually back up everything as sometimes I can't even finish typing a simple document offline without my former PCs crashing, losing irreplaceable creative energy. I shot about 3 hours of video wanting to hone some of my screenwriting work by actually seeing it spoken out on video.

Well, I was up late Tuesday night, I didn't feel I needed to back up all that video immediately to an external hard drive. I wanted to leave for work, Wednesday morning, and my laptop told me, “No, don't leave for work on time, wait at least a half hour while I am locked up on update # 22 of 55.” So, I had a choice to make, not let a PC waste more of my time on endless updates, or just go.

I quickly consulted a seller of business computers and she told me that if I just closed the computer, I could go to work as the laptop computer updated itself. Wrong, it would not re-boot, and I had to re-set it to factory settings as the computer majorly crashed. Getting it to work at all again involved a process that took two and a half hours when I made it to work on time. Since the desktop computer on my desk at work, is also a Microsoft operated PC, and a bit older, it has been dead, after barely functioning, limping on my desk for some time. I have been relying on my own laptops to do my job at work. So, as usual, I was F'ed over by Microsoft, yet again.

Well, not only did my PC screw me over for the only small bit of free time I had, making me lose all the toil in my video editing and rendering hobby, it also completely torpedoed my work day. Multiply my frustration and wasted time by millions and millions of people in the world. Imagine a Microsoft executive with huge homes, multiple luxury cars, and a cushy retirement package.

Millions of people have PCs with Microsoft operating systems worldwide. Microsoft is a face of the USA. How many wasted days and billions of dollars are wasted every year because of the arrogant and wasteful management style and choices of a monopoly out of control?

I have tried to access the US Government to make it work more efficiently and to operate as advertised and find out it is as arrogant and completely inaccessible, and is almost as user unfriendly as is Microsoft operating on a PC. The seeing if our Government is accessible is a whole other story, and I will leave that to more of my blogs.


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