Monday, November 30, 2009

Alex Jones and Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts on The Alex Jones Show 1/3:The Ugly Truth

My response to the above video:

This blogger's email:

Am I considering becoming a Patriotic US Ex-Patriot? That questioned asked, and maybe answered [click here]

[click here] for post called, "Coming to America"

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If I was to have thugs out looking to kill me, I'd have thought it would be because of my political activism and the testing of Free Speech. I sold cars for a used car dealer for about the last year. I found out he allegedly was one of the bigger powdered cocaine dealers in the area in the past, maybe he's still involved, I don't know. He seems to have kept his organized criminal associations. The boss of the used car dealer seemed to like grabbing male butts, making inappropriate sexual advances towards men, and even seemed to want to, or did, grab male genitalia of work associates and/or employees. I covertly shot video and some it can be seen if you click on the link below. So, Lanoue might have to worry about being arrested and being civilly liable. Allegedly hiring killers was his first reaction to covering up his wrongdoing.

The former sales manager of the used car dealership told me that Mark Lanoue had hired heavily tattooed thugs to come up from New York to find me. Mark knows plenty of people that would cheaply, or maybe even for free, just beat me up and probably get away with it. So, to hire out of town thugs, I assumed it was a murder-for-hire plot. I was tipped off the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Mark Lanoue threatened my life when he fired me. I immediately stopped staying where I was living and where I could be easily be found. So, I have basically been in "semi-hiding" since about September 4, 2009. Had I been living life as I normally did before Sept. 4, I would probably have been killed. Mark Lanoue claims to own the police in New Hampshire and Vermont, so if that is true, there would have been no real investigation.

So, I wouldn't have assumed I'd be stalked, terrorized, and have to worry about being murdered for just having wanted to earn a living, be left alone, and live. Riding a motorcycle, a Harley, and writing about what I do on the Internet, might be testing the limit too. I will never take my own life ... I love life too much.

[click here] for:

Bi-polar meltdown?

This guy, Mark Lanoue owns a used car lot in Brattleboro, Vermont, and lives on a lake in Spofford, New Hampshire. [more]

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... try and hide from someone who you think is trying to kill you and all you have to get around on is one of these:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU'RE RETARDED...... Don't make people feel bad for you because all you have is your Junk Harley..... You have to blame yourself for having that Bike, you can't even ride the fucking thing. By the way... how does it go in the snow

Thu Dec 17, 06:24:00 PM 2009  

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