Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the Kenny's Sideshow Blog:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1400 Vehicles burnt/melted near WTC on 9/11

The 9/11 Diane Sawyer interview with an eyewitness to the WTC7 collapse and the burnt vehicles.
Aired 6:50pm 9/11/01
Thanks to Facts not Fairies for the link. Youtube has removed this video.

Photos of the burnt/toasted/melted vehicles. Another unanswered question. Why would this happen?

Also see: WTC Relics

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The War Machine Loves Veterans Day

Parades, ceremonies and speeches give a focus to the individuals who fight, sacrifice and die while diverting attention away from those who mold the policies of war and who use the soldiers as pawns of profit.

Even in the midst of tragedy and death, Obama doesn't miss an opportunity to repeat the lie of our permanent wars. From his memorial speech at Fort Hood...
"These are trying times for our country. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the same extremists who killed nearly 3,000 Americans continue to endanger America, our allies, and innocent Afghans and Pakistanis. In Iraq, we are working to bring a war to a successful end, as there are still those who would deny the Iraqi people the future that Americans and Iraqis have sacrificed so much for." {more}

The same extremists....yes, they are still in power and right in our midst.

Our government kills and maims our own troops and for what? To catch a dead man, Bin Laden? Or to keep that drug money from Afghan poppy fields flowing into Wall Street banks and to position American bases around the Caspian Basin so we can steal their oil and natural gas and to surround Israel's 'existential' enemy, Iran with American forces. {more - Greg Bacon}

The plunder of Iraq's Oil - “US oil companies are starting to prepare for the day when they may get a chance to work in one of the world’s most oil-rich countries.”

Having drowned the Iraqi people in blood, the American financial and corporate oligarchy now believes that day has finally arrived. While US corporations are not the sole beneficiaries of the contracts, there is no question who has the final say over Iraq’s oil. With huge military bases in the country and a Baghdad regime tied to Washington, the US is positioned to dictate terms to its European and Asian rivals and, amid rising great powers tensions, to wield the threat of cutting off oil supplies—a longstanding tenet of American strategic policy. {more - James Cogan via The Peoples Voice}

In unconventional warfare, manipulated beliefs are used to displace inconvenient facts. When waging war by way of deception, false beliefs are an oft-deployed weapon. {more - Jeff Gates}

Assassinations, false flags, torture, the use of the American military as patsies and the role of the media as manipulators of truth is the rule, not the exception. From Vietnam to today our soldiers die, innocent civilians die, the rich get richer, the number of poor increases day by day and the lies of war are neverending.

Happy Veterans Day America.


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