Sunday, November 08, 2009

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Subject: Dump Blumenthal (email sent, resumes after picture below, Richard Blumenthal is the Connecticut Attorney General, my last [post] on him)

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Am I a Turd in a Punchbowl?

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal [official website]

see below: here's our chance to 'bust' the corrupt AG Dick Blumenthal in CT. He endorsed this 'crook' along party lines: the Dems. Blumenthal has historically
covered up for his party's misconduct/corrupt, targets citizens/businesses that don't
meet his party's idealisms, his ignored the DCF problem for years despite video
sent to him and only pretended to work for reforms after the media leak, he turns
a blinds eye to children being taken away by DCF unjustly for the thriple dipping system
we have in CT whom he works in collaboration for this purpose, he turns a blind's eye to the 'elder's being 'snatched' out of their homesfor plundering of their assets and to feed CT Government coffers, he is suppose to protect whistleblowers but works to send them to their early graves promoting retalations. In short, Bloomie is a 'thug' for CT Government and works to feed its coffers at all costs including allowing and assisting the courts, DCF
and EPS to exploit our most vulnerable citizens: elders, children, and the disabled to feed
his attorney pals wallets, fill the beds of his political/gov't friends for profit, and obtain federal grants for every 'ward' the state takes into their custody even by fabricating documentation.
Please click on the first article and make your comments about Blumenthal endorsing
a 'crooked' political candidate as he is curently doing with Sentator CROOK Chris Dodd,
AS top legal advisor for the State and protector of the state's vulnernable citizens, he knew
the candidate was under criminal investigation and endorsed him anyway as he is a DEM.Dick and his office needs to be investigated by the Feds for egregious malfeasance and abuse of office for political self interests and for gov'ts interests....NOT family's and NOT those he is obligated to protect under the 'color of law'. Then, click on the share button and blast this all over the net.
Thank you

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Subject: Google Alert - Police misconduct CT
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Google News Alert for: Police misconduct CT
Official charged with larceny
Middletown Press - Middletown,CT,USA
Police first received a complaint, which became a criminal investigation, on July 24. ... of a man currently under investigation for criminal misconduct. ...
Google Blogs Alert for: Police misconduct CT
Stabroek News - Berbice man hospitalised after police beating
By Stabroek staff
“I took a CT scan but we ain't get the results back yet,” Prakash reported. “My mother explained to the doctors today [Thursday] that it was hassling for her to travel from Berbice to Georgetown every day and they transfer me back to New .... or misconduct.Over here no such persons are allowed to even work with government institutions.(not even the lowest job in the councel). TOWA TOWA UNITED STATES says: November 7, 2009 at 7:49 am. The police had no right to do that. ...
Stabroek News -
Case summaries - Nov 7, 2009 - ElectricLawyer
By Grace Suarez
Misconduct - prosecutorial - use of misleading PowerPoint presentation People v. Katzenberger (3rd Dist., 11/2/09, C058883) ___ Cal.App.4th ___ DA's use of PowerPoint presentation where reasonable doubt illustrated by puzzle pieces depicting Statue of Liberty, ... Defendant did not have reasonable expectation of privacy in outside of envelopes addressed to him when private mail facility employee showed them to police. See United States v. Osunegbu (1987) 822 F.2d 472. ...
ElectricLawyer -

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