Thursday, November 05, 2009

US in debt to China, Embezzlers Rule

Our US debt to China is estimated to be over of a trillion dollars. Our US debt to the world is estimated at least 3448.8 billion dollars. If the US Population is estimated at 304,059,724 in July 2008. Without taking into account all the other debts, projected deficits, and projected interest on borrowed money that we'll all have to pay, each American would owe about $11,500 for just what is owed out to the world by the US Treasury/Federal Reserve Board. Did you agree to allow your government to be this fiscally irresponsible costing you your future and generations to come?

The true cost to each and every American might be over $100,000. Only a small percentage of Americans are even able to support themselves, never mind paying for such waste and outright fraud.

If an average citizen steals a candy bar worth less than a dollar from a convenience store, that citizen can face arrest and even prison. Steal trillions and you can maybe imprison those who dare complain. If all communications are shut down and you are being led off to a camp, fight back, or you are agreeing to have whatever done to you the abusers choose.

At what point does “Bail out,” mean Americans are leaving a sinking ship, seeking refuge outside of the United States?

Maybe half of the tax dollars paid to military contractors can't be accounted for. Judges are taking kickbacks to put as many innocent and guilty citizens in prisons as is possible to collect bribes from the prison corporations and their mobster friends. Our US Government has grown beyond the taxpayer base's ability to pay so many people to do so little in return for all the money Americans are paying out.

As industry and production wains those in government pass out more and more six figure annual salary jobs to their friends and families. Many of these jobs involve detaining and processing citizens, taking away children and placing them, protecting the official abusers, and finding more ways of ripping you off.

As an American. do you have to have your family broken up, home taken, cash stolen, and be raped by the government on your front lawn before you'll actually stand up and complain? How many of you would actually do something?

If you think you can go to a government run and rigged court or to a state regulated lawyer, think again. If you start meeting with a couple of neighbors discussing justice and other topics, expect to get the government's attention and maybe you'll have some bad luck. It will take a massive discontentment of the American people and subsequent action to end this cycle. Can you say, “Bah,” like a sheep, or will you not turn the other cheek and smack back?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well written and well stated!!

Thu Nov 05, 11:41:00 AM 2009  

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