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US Crime Farming

Introduction to this post found on HERE.

Do Americans have law enforcement officers or “Armed Revenue Collectors” to process citizens through kangaroo courts for fining, fleecing, and retaliation?

If there is not civilian oversight of policing and of the courts, these taxpayer paid workers serve themselves, not the public. Solving the crime, social, and other problems means less tax dollars, less manpower, less power, and more oversight for those who police, investigate, try, and defend us within the judicial system. So, if authorities are involved in "Crime Farming", rather than law enforcement and the pursuit of justice, are We the People to blame?

If police officers are caught handing out guns to felons, are out driving drunk with bagged up drugs and scales, and judicial branch workers are scamming the system for more of our tax dollars, what does that say?

Informants can deal drugs, break into houses, beat, rape, murder, and commit other crimes as long as they do so for police officers. It is common knowledge that informants get to keep either half the taxpayer funds doled out to criminals by police officers or get to keep half the drugs or other scores. Most police officers caught committing even serious crimes usually only risk their jobs, not being legitimately prosecuted.

I've talked to police officers and informants about how the system works. Felons and other criminals, even on probation, are encouraged to continue to commit crimes for police officers. Tax dollars do pay for criminal activity. A state registered confidential informant can drive around without valid license plates, state inspection, insurance, valid driver's license, beat up police officers for police officers, and can be offered $10,000 cash to beat up and kill citizens who make police misconduct complaints. [video confession] Make a police misconduct complaint and cops can hire an informant to kill you, even if you are a US Marine coming home from service. [post]

Informants are often poor and own nothing. Home and business owners have money, property, and can pay fines, for lawyers, and will comply to keep their families and some of their assets. Honest, taxpaying, home owning, family raising citizens are more of a target for armed revenue collection, than are criminals for committing crimes. Should taxpayers fund "Armed Revenue Collectors", or Law Enforcement?

Should police officers be tapping phones, monitoring internet activity of the public without warrants, and setting up citizens who make police misconduct complaints or propose legislation to elected officials that police officers don't like?

The Judicial Branch in most states and even on the Federal level, probably couldn't survive an legitimate audit. Six figure positions can be made up for branch workers and they need not even show up to get paid, and then get a cushy retirement. Job descriptions can be changed at will by judicial branch managers to hand out jobs to the unqualified friends and family. [example]

There would be no recession and Wall Street scandal if we had a public serving justice system in the United States of America. We the People should get on the ball and make it so.

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[click here] for piece, "Do you want someone beaten up, killed, to buy drugs, find a prostitute? Call the Police"

Former Madison Connecticut Police Officer Bernard Durgin

Madison, Connecticut, is not some dirt water town, it is a bedroom community, a suburb.

Millions of tax dollars are spent on its police force. The 3rd shift was too busy sleeping with prostitutes and hanging out with drug dealers and criminals to answer citizen calls. [story] Scroll down for Durgin news video.

Former New Haven Police Officer William "Billy" White

(New Haven-WTNH) _ At least five people, including two New Haven police officers, were arrested Tuesday. The charges include conspiracy and theft of government funds, and bribery.

The officers are identified as Lt. Billy White, Sr., the head of the department's Narcotics Division, and Det. Justin Kasperzyk.

"I'm disguested, I'm upset, frustrated," New Haven Police Chief Francisco Ortiz said.

White is accused of theft of government funds and conspiracy. In an afternoon court appearance, the FBI said they have video and audio evidence of White that was taken during a sting operation.

The officers are accused in part of taking money from drug scenes. In one piece of evidence, prosecutors showed a picture of someone they say is White holding a bag that contained $27,000 in cash. [scroll down for Billy White picture in this post for more]

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Witness tells the Steven G. Erickson story of feuding with Connecticut State Police over lack of protection and service and the local courts after exposing judicial misconduct:

Victim on the Secret Police Enemies List speaks out:

Ex-wife of a police officer talks about her husband getting drunk in bars with female DCF workers handing out baggies of pot, etc:

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter Mailed off Today

The below text was mailed here:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

To US President Obama or to whom it may concern: July 24, 2009

“Give me your wallet or I’m going to kill you”, was what Brian C. Caldwell, a convicted felon, told me after jumping me on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, property. Since Caldwell was a police informant, only I was arrested for having pepper sprayed him to end the beating I was taking. I got a year in prison! Should my case be looked into, should I be pardoned, and should the US Constitution now apply in America?

If a citizen buys a home, tries to run a business, or just wants to live, raise a family, pay taxes, and live the American Dream, it may be against the wishes of those who are in corrupt State, or other, Police Department, and those who illegally run most of our US Court System. Should “Government = Mafia”? Should families be destroyed for profit?

I received a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property. The mugger was given immunity for committing felonies to maliciously prosecute me. The stated goal of police was to pay up to a $10,000 bounty to have me beaten up, killed, and/or railroaded to prison for what I had written in newspapers critical of them, for proposing court reform and civilian oversight of police legislation to elected officials. The police were also angry at me for getting “mouthy” about Bryn Ouellette (sp.?), a teen who illegally moved into my basement and was building pipe and propane bombs and setting devices off near where I, and the Sabatassos (sp.?) and their 4 young children slept. Police were spending tax dollars to harass me, spy on me, and to make sure I lost my house, business, daughter and the sum total of my life’s work, forever.

I was threatened with arrest and prison by police officers if I did not leave Connecticut and shut my mouth prior to the mugging. Should mostly White, and male, police officers decide they want to take anyone’s wife, girlfriend, business, home, or freedom, just because they feel like it. Should police be able to lie, rape, cheat, steal, beat, and even kill with almost absolute immunity? Should our US courts be a rubber stamp on abuse?

Should those who run our courts be able to hire their friends and family in made up positions to make 6 figures, get a cushy pension, and maybe have to do little, to no work, and maybe not have to even show up? The Judicial Branch is wrecking America.

Why are Americans paying to be abused, to have their families broken up, the economy ruined, and to have honest taxpayers taken out of the taxpaying role, by falsely arresting, imprisoning, fining, and confiscating of property as many Americans as can be gotten away with? Should police be targeting “mouthy” individuals or criminals and crime?

What am I talking about? Please do a google search on my name, “Steven G. Erickson”, when my blog comes up, please look for today’s date and this letter to you. I’ll post links.

Please look into remedying my case and in to improving America by considering across the board US court reform and in having nationwide civilian oversight of all police.

Steven G. Erickson, [address snipped]

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

The below is why I, Steven G. Erickson, blog, why I hate censorship, and why I mistrust the court system, government, and most law enforcement:

Will Steven G. Erickson soon end up in prison for again testing "Free Speech" after sending [this letter text] to the White House recently? Connecticut State Police put a bounty on me after I wrote [this letter, scroll down, click to make bigger or click images below] to George W. Bush?

* * * *

I mailed a letter to President Bush on 9-15-01 discussing the problems I was having. I was then attacked on my property 10-11-01 by a police informant. I pepper sprayed my attacker in my dark driveway. Police were right there to arrest me. If the Bush administration was not so deceitful and arrogant, I think I and so many other citizens would not have been ripped off needlessly and abused. Our economy and national reputation would also be better. My letter to Bush:

If you click on it and save it, you can use a view to make it bigger.

The HUD response telling me Bush actually read my letter:

In the follow up report I am called the victim:

I was current on mortgage payments on 3 rental properties. Two of which I fixed up from a boarded up condition spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my labor. I had also built up a contracting business over 2 decades. My reward was that a strong armed robber, a mugger, a felon, could threaten my life while demanding money in my own dark driveway, beat me, and he is not arrested, I am for using pepper spray and I go to prison.

A short video of my former properties [click]


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