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Obama, Afghanistan, and Heroin?

The government and US court version of giving us the truth

Is there a link between Obama, Afghanistan, and the Heroin Trade?


We can't pin the blame for any one problem on any one President.

When Ronald Reagan was president, I recall him holding crack cocaine rocks and a crack pipe in his hands on national live television. I thought then to myself, "Why isn't this guy (Reagan) being arrested for having illegal narcotics and paraphernalia?" as he didn't have police officers with him supervising his handling "evidence".

At the time Ronald Reagan was playing his acting part looking like he cared about the drug epidemic during the "Pretend War on Drugs" and Nancy Reagan was saying, "Just say no", Ronny, Ollie North, and others were making sure CIA and military transport airplanes were bringing in as much cocaine into the US, as was possible, to fund illegal wars, assassinations, covert operations, illegal domestic and international spying, and for paying out hush money and bribes. There is plenty of information on Iran/Contra.

The war profiteers are still buying exotic vacations houses all over the world paid for with the blood of others.

When the US had "boots on the ground" in Afghanistan, suddenly heroin became cheaper, stronger, and more plentiful in the world. Do the math.

So, If US President Obama wants to concentrate on having military control of Afghanistan, not North Korea or nations without oil, drugs, and natural resources who present real problems to the world, what does that say on what the real agenda is?

To be a lawyer, you have to belong to a secret society even before leaving law school. Favors are owed, connections are made, and the education, unique language of a separate society, and the rules of being toasted if you tell, are planted for life.

I would like to see Obama act as advertised. Only time will tell.

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I agree the wife and political party swapping Reagan

was one of the buiggest drug dealers the world has seen and it was inexcusable for Congress to not Impeach him for the Treason fomenting Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandle.

After the Taliban began to govern Afghanistan, the heroin trade there ceased and the Bu$h/Obama administration claimed/claims they are using this trade to finance their side of the war. it just does not add up.

Like 9/11 all the pieces of the US reasoning to justify the War Of Terror are based on lies and deceit to fleece the American taxpayer for the benefit of the MIC based economy that drives the US economic engine.

With direct US involvement in the drug trade to finance its covert activities to assist in the never-ending military campaigns through its terrorizing of innocent people around the world, for the advantage of multinational companies to exploit local resources.

by Stanimal (2 articles, 237 quicklinks, 38 diaries, 1313 comments [249 recommended, 2 rejected]) on Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 at 3:44:29 PM

Is there a link between Obama, Afghanistan, and Heroin?

Yes. For starters, just type in "CIA" "drugs" "Afghanistan" into your search engine and start browsing.There's been an exponential resurgence of the opium trade since the US-led coalition forces tied the Taliban's hands and obliterated their near-complete ban on poppy farming - this was no accident.

Check out this piece, starting at 3:40 or so...

Also, take him or leave him, Mike Ruppert (among others) has done some interesting investigative research on the drug trade, the C.I.A.'s role in it, and how Wall Street funnels the drug profits through major banking institutions to fund myriad covert operations.

There's lots out there, but here are a couple interesting pieces:

click here

click here

But, regarding Obama... don't waste your time waiting for the leopard to change his spots.


by Minion Zero (0 articles, 0 quicklinks, 15 diaries, 81 comments [7 recommended, 0 rejected]) on Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 at 4:04:14 PM

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