Sunday, October 04, 2009

Texting, Major Threat to Motorcyclists

A female teenager with a female teenage passenger pulled out in front of me about two, or so weeks ago.

She blew a stop sign and almost hit a car going the other way across the road.

I had been on my brakes and didn't even blow the horn on my Harley. The driver of the car, seeing I was able to stop, and seeing that he avoided an accident too, just shook his head as we exchanged glances of disbelief and disgust.

Some stupid, juvenile crap, a young teen thought she had to text at that moment, instead of paying attention to driving could have taken my life or caused serious bodily injury.

All texting by drivers in any state in the US, should be illegal in my opinion.

I have seen more emotional and just plain crazy expressions on drivers texting as they drive. Should driver's expose themselves to such stresses while driving? I can type fairly fast with all my fingers and just can't bring myself to waste so much time on so many keystrokes for just one letter, that I can't imagine I'll even ever bother texting.

If I want to give someone a message, I can either wait to email from a computer, or just make a phone call. What happened to patience and just waiting, or just actually talking to someone?

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