Saturday, October 17, 2009

A reason not to have children in the US?

I am currently watching a program on CPS, Child Protective Services, in Indianapolis, taking away kids from the parents.

I am not paying 100% attention to the story, but it the 13 year old step daughter allegedly bit her stepfather, the mother and father called the police, a version of DCF shows up and takes all 3 kids and the parents faced arrest. If there were not network cameras there, I assume the parents would have been arrested and there would be more mental cruelty doled out by the CPS workers and Police. The series is called, "Children in Crisis".

A White male judge tells the parents that their kids are his, not theirs! The parents have to pay for state ordered classes, and it can be months before the parents can even be considered for getting their kids back. A brat 13 year old having a fit, any second, or any day, can have dire consequences for a family's welfare forever.

In the MSNBC story, the 13 year old girl ran away from state custody and her whereabouts are unknown for 3 weeks. Are children better off an alleged abusive home as compared to lock down in state custody?

In the case featured, the state directly caused the couple to divorce.

Maybe 60,000 kids in the US are taken away with no legitimate reason, a year!

States like Connecticut are all too willing to take away children, arrest citizens, put citizens in prison, and put as many citizens through the court system as is possible. A state's reward for bad behavior is to get federal tax dollars.

Should all citizens in the US weigh the risks of even having children. Should singles consider not dating single parents with children in the household?

What does that say about the state of affairs of current America?

Should Americans consider raising their families more conducive to family unity, the promoting of a healthy economy, and social justice?

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