Friday, November 06, 2009

Town Hall Mafias Ripping Off Homes

Do we have elected officials, law enforcement, and courts of justice, or do we have official organized criminals abusing the public in concert?


A friend of mine told me that his grandmother's home in the state of Maine was pirated away by corrupt town hall officials. He expected to inherit that property for decades. Officials in town hall had plans to make sure an insider got it for a song, sending bills for taxes out, not allowing my friend to pay them off, so the property could be seized and sold. There is no adequate way to turn in officials, police officers, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges who engage in this form of organized crime.

I talked with a family in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, recently. They talked about corrupt insurance officials denying insurance coverage to mostly older residents teetering on being able to make it month to month. Excuses are made to cancel their insurance coverage so that private investors with town hall connections can scoff up properties well below market value, displaying families and the elderly. Whose palms are being greased and how does this foster faith in government?

In Connecticut, more and more elderly persons driving through Connecticut who become sick and end up sick, or who are residents and have homes to be ripped off, are targets of Connecticut lawyers and courts. The elderly person can be placed in a mental hospital, drugged, kept away from their adult children heirs, and a lawyer is appointed “in the best interest” of the elderly person and the lawyer and the state split the assets and property of what should be going to the adult children and others for their inheritance. The rip off nationwide is monumental.

My friend, and documentary producer on the subject of judicial abuse and reform, Francis C. P. Knize, tells me a story of a woman he has been talking to from Oregon. The woman, over 70, was targeted for her property. Court officials, and possibly a judge, allegedly enlisted a police officer to shoot the woman in her home. Another person was to make a complaint call, the officer was to go and shoot the woman in her own home, making it look like an incident, where her property could be split between lawyers, a judge, and other members of the court.

My friend Richard Hettler in Minneapolis, Minnesota, had millions in assets and was due an inheritance in the millions. A judge, lawyers, and others conspired to railroad him to prison. Law enforcement allegedly came to his house holding pistols to his head to intimidate him into not reporting the judge and other criminals who ripped him off. That story found here on OpEd News.

Without a people's grand jury system, the abuse described above will only continue. Silence signifies acceptance.


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