Monday, November 09, 2009

Male on Male Sexual Harassment

Mark Lanoue of Mark's Motors Inc, Brattleboro, Vermont, holding a beer during work hours after swilling Vodka straight from a bottle located behind him in a freezer.

Heterosexual males in the work place sexually harassed by their bosses are more likely to suffer embarrassment and rage in private. I would think this subject is almost taboo to even speak of. Most lawyers will say that recovering damages for the abuse when you are a male is less likely than if you are a female suffering the same sort of sexual predatory comments, being grabbed in a sexual way, and being propositioned for sex, where your job can hang in the balance.

Imagine a boss who throws fits, breaks things, threatens employees with physical harm and being killed, steals their pay, grabs male employee butts and/or genitals, and is constantly engaging in inappropriate, and most likely illegal, behavior? Well, I don't have to imagine.

[click here] for photos, videos, and more

Story profiled on eBoss Watch blog [here]


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