Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jesse Ventura, “Calling all in the Tinfoil Hat Brigade”?

I am not a big Howard Stearn fan, but I did catch interviews of Jesse Ventura on youtube. Ventura was promoting his conspiracy theory show now on the TruTv network. I don't believe much out of the mouths of Bush, Obama, other politicians, and the mainstream media. If Jesse Ventura truly believes something, and conveys it in what, and how, he says something, I would be inclined to believe him.

For Alex Jones fans, hearing about DARPA, HAARP, extra JFK assassination killers in a grand conspiracy, a civil court case proving the government complicit in the Martin Luther King assassination, and the government's real reason for being in Afghanistan, heroin, and more, are all discussed by Jesse Ventura just days ago. Ventura talks about being a current resident of Mexico. The videos of the audio interview are in 10 minute segments and there are 5. I found the 2nd part of the 5 part series to be the most compelling. The interview is found here in its 5 parts, all together. If you go to youtube it is hard to listen to it all in one place without doing extra searching.

I believe what Jesse Ventura has to say, and reveal, will send out shock waves. Some citizens will literally be inclined to start wrapping their houses in tinfoil and wearing tinfoil hats. I both laughed, and had concern through all of the Dec. 2, 2009 interview.

My take on what I saw:

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[click here] for the Howard Stearn/Jesse Ventura interviews


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