Friday, January 22, 2010

Father/Son talk in a US Police State

A Father talks with his young adult son.

Son: If I go out in public near where people are speaking out, I'll get arrested. I can't go out in public.

Father: Don't go out in public, don't go near demonstrations.

Son: I can't say what's on my mind without worrying about being arrested.

Father: Keep your opinions to yourself.

Son: I think I want to marry Molly, but Officer Mike likes her and told me to stop seeing her, "Or else."

Father: Figure out how to get Molly to break up with you, and make her think it's her idea. Just do it, or I may never see you again. If you get arrested by Officer Mike for whatever he decides to charge you with, or if you just disappear in the middle of the night, you won't have Molly anyway. Buck it up.

Son: Officer Mike wants my sports car, I just finished fixing it up after 4 years of restoring it, I worked nights, weekends, for five years to pay for it. Mike wants to trade me a 15 year old rusted Escort Wagon for it. My car is worth 20 times what that piece of crap is worth.

Father: If you are whisked away, you won't have anything to drive. Take the Escort and like it.

Son: Dad, I'm glad we had this talk. You're not going to report me for speaking openly to you ... are you?

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